An index of what I do here

I restarted this blog in September 2019 with the mission of analyzing shows. I hesitate to call them deep dives, but I will call them medium dives into shows that I’m interested in. They are kind of haphazard, but they’re easier to do as I watch the show rather than trying to do it after the fact.

Here is a listing of the shows, and the posts that I have made.


The Big O

Batman, Art Deco Robots and Anime History: This is the Big O

Nightingales, Black Forests and Western Symbols in The Big O

Welcome to the best post-apocalypse

Thank you, Bonny Frasier. The best character in The Big O

Wait? Women can be in Big Robot Shows?

Are a girl and her cat enough to redeem women in The Big O?

The Beck Dilemma: The most irritating character in The Big O

The Big O is a strangely somber series

The Odds and Ends of The Big O

Robot, interrupted. A goodbye to The Big O

The start of Shinji's awakening


What I talk about when I talk about Eva

We are all Shinji Ikari. Why Hideaki Anno hates you (and himself)

Is Misato Katsuragi a pedophile or a parent?

Sad Shinji in the rain and other pretty pictures from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Through a PRISM darkly. How Edward Snowden and Evangelion collide

The many glasses of Gendo Ikari

Is Rei Ayanami a doll or a real girl?

Asuka Langley Soryu is Shinji’s only girlfriend

Here’s where I talk about Freud and Evangelion

What would it mean if Evangelion is a new gospel?

Shinji Ikari is a giant cockroach. Where Evangelion and Franz Kafka meet

This is the dark heart of Evangelion

Is Shinji Ikari really an anti-hero?

Rei Ayanami’s journey from being a doll to a real girl — a tale of hospital beds and glasses

Shinji Perfect or the only real angel: The riddle of Kaoru

The Odds and Ends of Evangelion

Will I ever learn to love you, Eva?

Dutch angles follow me everywhere


What I talk about when I talk about RahXephon

A gilded cage and the girl in the painting in RahXephon

How RahXephon is more like Gundam than Eva

The War of Misunderstandings in RahXephon

The Story of Two Girls and Trauma in RahXephon

The Ice Prince and His Brother The Sun in RahXephon

The Bluebird of Sadness in RahXephon

Why we need to stop comparing characters in RahXephon to Evangelion

Rejecting the letterboxed world in RahXephon

Is RahXephon a mecha show?

If you meet the RahXephon on the road, do you kill it?

The portrait of an artist as a young man in RahXephon

The tragedy in Episode 19 of RahXephon

A Boy, his Pet Rock and Makoto Isshiki’s Operation Downfall in RahXephon

I may just get you Haruka Shitow

The Odds and Ends of RahXephon

The Cry of Hope at the End of RahXephon

Haruhi art

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

What I talk about when I talk about Haruhi (or how Haruhi was supposed to save us all)

Why you shouldn’t trust Kyon and why you have to 

Is Haruhi a manic pixie dream girl?

Haruhi is on pause at the moment. I may return to it. 

Galaxy Express 999

All Aboard the Galaxy Express 999

Lotus Eaters and Steam Trains: The Myth of the Galaxy Express

Food zombies and wildflowers: Galaxy Express 999 and poverty

Maetel kills them all?

The space train of Winesburg: Galaxy Express 999 and grotesques

The Odds and Ends of Galaxy Express 999 Part 1

Skeletons, murder and tragedy? More Galaxy Express 999

The Angriest Planet in Galaxy Express 999

Getting rich on Ecological Disaster in Galaxy Express 999

Ghost people don’t get free will in Galaxy Express 999

The Mysterious Maetel in Galaxy Express 999

Love in the time of Existentialism in Galaxy Express 999

Dying free or living a slave in Galaxy Express 999

To push the rock or not in Galaxy Express 999

The Odds and Ends of Galaxy Express Part 2

My plan is to update this list regularly.

Along with the analysis posts, every week I put up a post that is full of links about other interesting posts that I find in the Otakusphere.

Occasionally, I make a concerted effort to do some research and put together an informed opinion. These are listed under In My View. My less informed opinions are listed under Reflections.

On a rare occasion, I share my opinions about a show. You can find those listed under Impressions.

If you want to reach me on Twitter, I’m at @Cameron_Probert. I’m happy to talk.

And, as always, thanks for reading.