Otakon or Bust

I’m going down to Okaton. Going to eat me lots of… dangos? Pocky? What is the preferred food of anime conventions anyway? So yes, for the second time of my life I am actually going to an anime convention and I’m pretty excited. I mean it’s not a real big stretch, I live 20 miles […]

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On Mecha design and heroes

So The Animanachronism’s recent post on the nature of mecha brought to mind a set of posts I did a while back on the role of the citizen solider and the Arthurian hero in anime (a set of posts I’m still a bit proud of.) It’s got me thinking about what is the role of […]

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In My View: Escapism? Don’t we all need a break sometimes?

“A lot of people don’t like their job Peter. What is important is finding something that does make you happy.” – Roughly quoted from Office Space First before I write this post, I want to apologize to the women for butting into their conversation. But I think they’ve offered a fascinating range of views on the idea of escapism and how people […]

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My take on Haruhism

“Yeah, right… What’s a cubit?” – Noah to God in a Bill Cosby sketch I’ve always had a fascination with religion. Now, I’m not a really religious person, I’ve just been a bit too skeptical for that, but I don’t fault anyone who is. In fact, I tend to find it more a failing with […]

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