Wait? Seirei no Moribito?

So there are plenty of days that I remember quite clearly. Like the day the Challenger blew up, I was sitting in a third-grade classroom, huddled around a television with about thirty or so other students. Pretty much all because Christa McCauliffe (the teacher on the shuttle) was from New Hampshire (and I was in […]

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Parsing the Epic – An Analysis

So recently, The Animanachronism posted a really interesting piece about LoGH, comparing it to old-style epics. In classic iknight style, he did an excellent job breaking down his points and making some pretty apt comparisons and noticing some things I didn’t even see. What was really interesting though were some of the comments. One in […]

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I Got some ‘splaining to do

So contrary to recent accounts, I have not died. Really. But I have been kind of sick lately. Although that’s got nothing to do with why I’m writing this blog post. As most people who read this blog may have noticed, I’ve kind of been on hiatus. Now I could make up a bunch of […]

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Why not Gundam Zeta?

Normally I don’t pick on the disabled. But some people seem to really love Gundam Zeta, so I feel compelled to point out something. This show sucks. Okay, okay. Maybe sucks is too harsh of a word. There are things about Zeta that are interesting. The relationship between Camille Bidan and Jared is one of […]

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A Tale of two heroes – an analysis

There’s something about an anti-hero that everyone loves, except when they don’t. In fact, the term itself has become so nebulous that it can easily encompass Alucard, Shinji Ikari and Guts. Essentially anyone with questionable morals or who treats people as a means to an end or someone who bucks the plot by insisting on […]

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