Why not FLCL?

Wow, I don’t post for a week and now I’m going to do my third post. Although my last couple were under the influence of a lack of sleep and caffiene. Oh who am I kidding, this one is too. So, I recently exchanged a couple of emails with animesophist and he mentioned Fooly Cooly […]

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On The Media

So I’m halfway through watching Starship Operators, and I’ll have a review for it up pretty soon, but as I was watching it, it raised an interesting point for me. If anyone doesn’t know the idea behind Starship Operators is that there’s a starship that’s being funded by a news organization to participate in a […]

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So to my one reader out there, I just wanted to say hello. Oh wait, I’m just talking into the darkness. Well find then, I’ll just keep talking then. Anyways, I’ve actually got some interesting segments coming up. I’m thinking about making the Op/Ed thing a permanent feature. Just because I’d like to share my […]

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