RahXephon does NOT equal Evangelion

I am writing this post in the hope of ending a needless and futile debate. I’m writing it knowing that I’m talking about the anime community, and unnecessary and futile debates have been their bread and butter since Harmony Gold first licensed Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross. But I’m writing it anyway because I feel like I’ve […]

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The Odds and Ends of RahXephon

I’m nearly at the end of talking about RahXephon. Well, maybe not. I’ll probably never stop talking about RahXephon, but I’ve spent three months on my blog largely focused on this show, and I would like to finish talking about it this month. That said, I have a lot of small things I really wanted […]

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I may just get you Haruka Shitow

Do you ever have relationships with characters? I don’t mean the “this is my waifu or husbando” kind of relationship, or the “that guy/gal is super cool and I’m infatuated with their coolness” type of relationship. No. What I’m talking about is that friend who you’ve known your entire life. The person that you knew […]

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