Welcome to the best post-apocalypse

“I constantly reminded myself that the setting is a unique character in and of itself.” — Keiichi Sato about Paradigm City Welcome to Paradigm City — the home of the best apocalypse. For the uninitiated, something happened in Paradigm City 40 years ago that made everyone to lose their memories. Whatever happened has a left […]

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In My View: Enter the Anime?

So for people of a certain age, they will remember an ad from ADV Films that basically started with: “What is anime? Anime is action, sci-fi, comedy, martial arts… ” Netflix put together it’s own answer to that question in the 58-minute-long disaster that is Enter the Anime. It starts like that ADV commercial, and […]

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The Spirit Never Dies!

I’ll never give up, never give in. The spirit of a boy never dies, and from the barren earth I am resurrecting In Search of Number Nine. I will pierce the heavens with the strength of my drill, and bring new life to this land. The people at r/anime told me that anime blogs were […]

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