Reflections of an old anime fan: Why did I restart this blog?

When I decided to start writing in this blog again, I put up a fun post that made anime references that are a little old, but I thought would give the flavor of who I am. I’m just a guy, who likes to write and I want to write about anime.

But I decided I should do a better job introducing myself.

I’m iniksbane, and I’m an anime fan. I’ve been an anime fan since I watched Oh My Goddess on a VHS my friends rented from the local comic book shop in Ames, Iowa in 1996. I started collecting anime in 2003 when I picked up the first disc of X (TV) from the local Sam Goody.

I realize all of those sentences date me. I don’t think I’m old, but I do think I am old for an anime fan.

And I really think I’m an anime fan. I use the word otaku loosely, but I don’t have the truly obsessive nature to be an otaku. I enjoy Japanese cartoons. I like the fact that they can manage to accomplish believable melodrama that stretches the boundaries of reality. I like that they can tell a personal quiet story just as well. I like the times when I see my own culture reflected back at me through a glass darkly.

But I’m not obsessed enough to travel to Japan and get a $300 resin figure that I can stare at longingly. I can’t name all of the UC Gundam shows or the entirety of Toei’s catalog. So I can’t say I’m really an otaku.

But that doesn’t really explain why I wanted to restart this blog.

Well about six months ago, Evangelion hit Netflix. Now I have opinions about Evangelion. Boy do I have opinions. But everything I heard about it either oversimplified it, made it too important or just plain didn’t understand the context it came around in. It was like hearing a bunch of kids complain about Nirvana.

So I decided I wanted to write about my favorite series of all time, RahXephon. See I spent so much time writing about why I didn’t love things that I never wrote about things that I actually loved.

I literally do not remember what webcomic this comes from.

I started working on the project, and it just fell by the wayside. See I fell into the problem that most crafters fall into. If you don’t actually “need” to finish anything, then you won’t. My drafts got eaten up by a computer crash, and I set it aside and didn’t come back to it.

But writing about RWBY and the Variety article was really exciting. I realized why I missed this. I wanted to have a conversation with people about things that I liked. I wanted to go deep on a series, and even if it’s a little messy, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I started with The Big O, and so far, I’ve published two pieces, and I have another three scheduled. My goal is to talk about the stuff I’m noticing. The stuff I think the show does well. The stuff I think the show doesn’t do well, and the stuff I’m just wondering about.

Right now I’m halfway through The Big O, and I’m considering what I’m going to do next. It might be RahXephon, but I’m also interested in checking out some other stuff.

Do I know what else I’m going to write? No, but I’m sure they will happen. Am I proud of some of my old stuff? Yeah. I think some of it’s good. Am I kind of ashamed of some of my old stuff? Yeah. I think some of it’s immature or just pretentious. Most of it’s outdated, and comes from a time when the anime industry was in shambles. A lot of the links are dead, and I can’t figure out how to adjust the blogroll.

So thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy yourself. Please leave a comment and a like. And if you can put up with my incessant prattling, give me a follow. No matter what else, I am still a neurotic mess that feels like my self worth is determined by how many hits I get. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Reflections of an old anime fan: Why did I restart this blog?

  1. At three decades old myself, I feel old for an anime fan to. Doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy watching and writing about anime, because I do. It’s just too much fun. 😁

  2. I actually remember Sam Goody when I was a lot younger. You were from Ames? I have family in that city coincidentally enough. I know the feeling about feeling older than the new anime fans coming up. A lot of the new stuff makes me lost.

    1. So I’m originally from the whitest state that ever whited — New Hampshire. I went to school for a couple years in Ames, and then we all moved out to Washington state. (I also lived for a couple of years in Baltimore.)

      It’s funny. I haven’t followed an anime season in a while. I’m probably not going to follow this season, but I might. We’ll see.

      1. I’ve actually been to New Hampshire while I was on a family vacation during my teenage years there and Vermont. You went to school in Ames? I assume it was Iowa State, then? Funny you mention Baltimore because my family lived in Maryland when I was a baby.

        Same here and it’s rough getting into new anime most of the time for me. There are newer series I would like to check out, but it’s a matter of finding the time in between work, my blogs, recording my next album, and other things.

  3. I had no idea you were already a veteran blogger well let me rewelcome you to the blogging scene !! there are some amazing people in this niche community and I look forward to your content 🙂

    1. Thank you. I didn’t make that many waves way back when. I wrote on here in between October 2007 and when started my career in August 2008. I did have a few posts in 2009, but this is my first time back since then.

      The community is a bit different. There are more people from Australia, and fewer people from Malaysia and the Philippines. At least from what I’ve seen. But it’s still really a great place.

      Of course streaming has changed a lot of things, and made things more accessible to more people. Though there seems to be less in the way of quality josei or shoujo content, but that just might be that I’m not looking down the right alleyways.

      It could also be a phase. I mean a Nana or Honey and Clover can’t come out every year.

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