In My View: What’s the Moe?

In all of fandom there are arguments that seem to stretch across the span of time. Subs vs. Dubs. Eva vs. RahXephon. Fansubs. And now it’s moe. To be honest, I don’t get it. I mean I don’t get any of it. On a basic level, I understand what moe is, I understand that there’s […]

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Seviakis vs. Smith : My opinion

(Okay, this is the hardest part, which is why I’ve been putting it off.) IntroductionI know calling Mr. Smith wrong is a harsh way to put it. In all honesty, I feel for the guy. He’s putting out a product that he thinks is worth selling and people are just coming along and taking it, […]

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A little diversion

Normally I don’t talk to much about AMVs, mostly because a majority of them look like what they are – amatuer music videos. But occasionally, I come across one that’s good. This isn’t mine. The song is by Jonathon Coulton and it’s from a series I’m going to buy now called Legend of the Black […]

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