The space train of Winesburg: Galaxy Express 999 and grotesques

“Anderson evokes a depressed landscape in which lost souls wander about; they make their flitting appearances mostly in the darkness of night, these stumps and shades of humanity.” Irving Howe, Introduction to Winesburg, Ohio One of the most challenging parts of writing these analysis pieces is coming up with an introduction. Sometimes I settle on […]

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RahXephon does NOT equal Evangelion

I am writing this post in the hope of ending a needless and futile debate. I’m writing it knowing that I’m talking about the anime community, and unnecessary and futile debates have been their bread and butter since Harmony Gold first licensed Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross. But I’m writing it anyway because I feel like I’ve […]

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Maetel kills them all?

One of the most famous pieces of X-Men lore revolves around the death of Jean Grey at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga. During the Dark Phoenix Saga, Grey destroys an alien planet, complete with killing billions. The unprovoked attack showed the brutality and power of the character. It would also prove the end […]

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