The Otakusphere: Devil’s Candy, moe Zombies and when did Lelouche get this popular?

Good morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are out there in Internet land. By my reckoning, it is Sunday in my little corner of the hinterlands, so it’s time to take another trip around and look at what everyone is talking about.

This has been a strangely long week for me, and I have a feeling I’m going to have another strangely long week. But in between bouts of trying to keep a hound puppy entertained, so she doesn’t kill herself, I’ve been back to playing some Borderlands 3 and watching s-CRY-ed, Vivy and a Certain Magical Index. All of which are pretty good overall.

I’m closing in on 350 blog posts. I’m thinking about putting together a post about reaching that milestone. I know it’s not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s 100 more posts than the last time I wrote a milestone piece. If there are any questions you would like to ask, let me know.

Let’s go a little weird today. I brought up this song over on Colin’s blog earlier today, and I still like it, so here it is.

So let’s get our engines started and start our tour of the Otakusphere.

I’ve expressed my love for Argento Soma before, and now I get to do it again because Ideas Without End put together a post about what they like about this unusual mecha series from 2000.

I like this take because it looks at the story from Frank’s point of view, which really is not one that I had considered. Mostly because I was so enamored with the fact that Ryu Soma is well-intentioned and completely lacks any self-awareness.

Really, go watch Argento Soma. If you can. I’m not sure if it’s physically available anymore. You may need to take the less-than-ethical route.

Talking about shows I thought would die with time. Let’s talk about Code Geass. So The Otaku Exhibition put together their thoughts about who they believe is the best protagonist in anime. They saddle Lelouche with that yoke. I don’t necessarily agree, but it’s just really a matter of taste.

What I really want to mention is that I’m shocked that Code Geass has stood the test of time, while Gurren Lagann often seems like a footnote. When they came out, it was the general consensus that Geass was a trainwreck. On the other hand, people could not sing the praises of Gurren Lagann loud enough.

My general opinion is that of the two, Gurren Lagann is more tightly plotted and has a better sense of direction, while Geass is fun, but it’s messy. Events feel like they happen because something needs to happen rather than rising up naturally.

Now, I still haven’t finished the second season, and there are some spoilers in the post just so you know. Maybe I’ll go back and watch it again.

But really, the best protagonist is Guts. I thought everyone knew that.

Talking about unusual stories that I still haven’t seen. Infinite Zenith makes a good case for Gakko Gurashi.

I’m not usually a fan of zombie stories. It’s not that they’re bad in any particular way; it’s just that when I finish them, the characters are still stuck in a zombie apocalypse. How much better are they really going to be?

But I like the idea of using a zombie story as a backdrop for a tale about letting go. That is effectively what Shawn of the Dead is about, right? It’s not really a surprise that Nick Frost’s character ends up a zombie in the end and still playing video games in the basement.

It’s a good post, and it is enough to get me to check out the show.

Talking about sad stories about sad things, the planet Jane over at the Magic Planet put together this post about the beginning of Aquatope.

One of the things I really liked about After the Rain was it was a story about two people finding their way back to their passions, masquerading as a love story. By the end, it mostly gave up on the pretense of being a love story.

That is what this post about Aquatope reminded me of. I’ve seen a few previews of it floating around, but it was this post that might make me stop and give it a look. It reminds me a bit of Super Cub, which is another show that I’ve been meaning to check out.

Because Spring 2021 was really packed, even if no one acknowledges that.

Finally, on sad but maybe happy notes, Irina at I drink and watch anime put together a post about Kyoto Animation. The tragedy of KyoAni is that we’ll never know what could have been. I can’t say that I’m surprised that they are rebuilding, but what if they hadn’t lost two years. What if all of those talented people hadn’t died?

I’m sure that they will return to being KyoAni, but it will be a matter of years rather than months.

Now, here’s where we talk about a few classics.

Like the world-class assassin Duke Togo, who slays his targets and has all of the sex while keeping the exact same expression. Because he is just that damn cool.

K at the Movies put together this fun review of the Golgo 13 movie, which I haven’t seen, but I’ve heard enough about Golgo 13 from the Anime World Order podcast to get the general idea. It’s always nice to have your thoughts confirmed.

And now, for a show that I have never heard of but bears a striking resemblance to another Osamu Dezaki classic, the Classic Anime Museum has returned with a review of Isabelle of Paris. It’s worth checking out the write-up about it.

That reminds me that I really need to watch Dear Brother at some point.

Also, I want to say that I’m glad that the Classic Anime Museum has opened up again.

Finally, I really wanted to share this story from Kennedy at the Anime Herald about Devil’s Candy. To be honest, I only heard about Tokyopop’s shenanigans in passing when it came to their “Rising Stars of Manga.” Because I felt like it was trying to pass off stuff that wasn’t manga as manga because it was easier to produce.

That said, the redemption story for Devil’s Candy is pretty sweet, and maybe I should be a little less judgy.

Let’s go from talking about something that sounds like porn to something that is pretty much porn.

Although, I don’t really know what defines porn.

Either way, Jenn over at Welcome to the Hell Zone put together this review about Lewd Idol Project, which at the very least is a risque romance game. What I found interesting in the review is that she points out that there isn’t any “But you’re a girl” in the dialogue. Everyone is pretty much on board from the get-go.

It really isn’t something I considered. I should have, but I just hadn’t. It implies that somehow people aren’t just normally lesbians, and they have to be led to become lesbians. Or at least that is what I’m assuming. That does seem like it would be problematic.

Anyway, it’s fun to read about someone reviewing raunchy games.

Now let’s take a hard left into fighting games because that is the next thing on my list.

So I like the idea of fighting games. I enjoy watching really high-level players battle it out against each other. I’ve seen not a few Injustice 2 top 8s or Skullgirls or Mortal Kombat. One of those games that I’ve watched is Them’s Fightin’ Herds.

To be honest, watching My Little Pony-esque characters battle each other just fills me with a certain amount of joy. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Perhaps I just like to imagine that really all cute things are despicable.

OK. That last one is not necessarily true.

What I am not good at doing is actually playing fighting games. I just don’t have the desire to put that much work into learning how to play them. I like reading about what other people think, though, just in case I’m ever stuck in a conversation and need to look like I know what I’m talking about. This is why Frostilyte Writes’ piece here about the combo training is a great. I feel smarter already, and you will too.

Talking about strange games, Buffalo Retro has this review of Rygar, which is worth checking out just for the keyframe on the video for the trailer. The hero looks like he’s so determined.

One of those strange things about antiquity is that it all happened so long ago. It’s hard to imagine them as real people who lived everyday mundane lives. No one ever talks about the people who had to do their laundry in Rome. It’s always with the monster slaying.

I suppose that is what makes it a good setting for video games.

Talking about things that probably should be expected but are still frustrating, Jun over at a Convoluted Situation brings up a flaw in everyone’s favorite game Genshin Impact. OK. I don’t know if it’s everyone’s favorite game, but I do hear a fair bit about it as it makes the rounds.

While I do think Jun’s complaint (the lack of needed resources) is a fair one, I think it’s probably built more as a feature than a bug. I’m sure the developers want you to spend your time searching for resources, so you’re more invested in the game. Personal investment is what a service game wants. It’s why Destiny always puts out new gear. They know that people will grind to get the latest gear, and then they will need to use the new gear in the new dungeon. All the while, they are buying new cosmetics so they can look cool to their friends.

It’s clever, even if it’s a bit manipulative.

Making resources more available would ruin that progression.

But I’m not a game designer. I’m just a guy who talks on the internet. What do I know?

Let’s finish up with a couple of short ones.

First, we have our obligatory travelogue post from Resurface to Reality, where they take us to Fuji Rock 2018. I kind of feel bad always sharing travelogue posts. Still, the likelihood I will ever see Japan is pretty minimal, so I really want to live vicariously through other people. So here you go.

Finally, here is the Spooky Redhead talking about pins. They’re cute. Go look at them.

That is all that I have for this week. I hope you all have a safe and lovely week, and remember to be good, be careful, learn a lot, not necessarily in that order.

Please, if you see anything that is interesting, click on the link. It would mean a lot to me.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Devil’s Candy, moe Zombies and when did Lelouche get this popular?

  1. Thank you for including me 😀 I need to watch Dear Brother, too…I actually ordered the series on Blu-Ray when it was released recently, but still haven’t watched it, heh

    1. You’re welcome.It was a fun review. All of the memes that I’ve see from Dear Brother look awesome.

    1. You know. I might actually play that game.

      Although now that I think about it, Death Stranding might be that game. I really need to get around to playing that.

      1. I know me too. My wife got it for me when it came out and at the time our little one was just coming out of the newborn phase and was terrible sleeper. So we sat down to play it and the baby started crying and whining in the game and we kept pausing it because we were so shell shocked thinking it was our own little one waking up and crying. I put it down and couldn’t pick it back up. Probably safer now – she’s turning three next month 😂

  2. Heyo, thanks for the mention!

    I agree that the thing i discuss in my post about genshin is a feature, but that its a poor one. Genshin already requires you to explore for items on a semi regular basis anyway to level new characters, and there is more than enough consistent play engagement with the game as it has a constant flow of events, and the dailies take at least 20 minutes or so, more if you do optional things. What made collecting the korok seeds great in BoTW was how you could look for them as you explored the giant map and didnt need to go out of your way to do so, and I think the developers made a mistake not just doing the same thing and adding an unwelcome extra layer of grinding to do, when collecting culuses is quite significant to gameplay.

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad that you guys are back and posting again.

      So I understand your point, and I agree that would be less frustrating if they made resources more accessible. But I still think that is the difference between a standalone game and a live service game. In a standalone game they don’t care if you invest more time into the game. You’ve already bought it at that point. Your enjoyment is the only concern.

      In a live service game, they are looking to get you to invest your time, so the more time you invest the better.

      I probably already said that, if I did forgive me.

      That said, there might be a middle ground where they make the resources more accessible, but not as accessible as Kurok seeds. Something like the PS4 Spiderman comes to mind. The resources there are plentiful enough, but you still need to participate in a lot of the activities to unlock the stuff you need.

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