The Otakusphere: What everyone else likes this year

So it’s started to get to be that time of year when people start putting out lists. The older and busier I get the more things blur together into a paste of vaguely happy memories. I wonder what you spread vaguely happy memory paste on. Does it go on 99 cent white bread? Probably.

The nice thing about living in these times is that all our entertainment is so easy to get. Does anyone remember when you had to spend $14 on a CD, $20 on a movie and $30 on four episodes of an anime?

Now we live in a brave new future, where we get everything we want now. Isn’t it amazing? Grab your beverage of choice we’re going on a tour of Otakusphere lists.

And now for some cruising music. My favorite opening from the beginning of the last decade.

Third Impact Anime made a list worthy of Mary Poppins. I thought about trying to write a song, but I don’t think even Mary Poppins could make Portlandia and Patlabor rhyme.


Over at The Animanga Spellbook, Magicconan put together the roundup of their last decade in anime. It does make me feel a bit old when I realize The my first anime DVD was made by Geneon bought from a Sam Goody and was purchased in 2003 or 2004.

Jernahblunt gave us a list of his favorite shows by season, which is fun. I don’t have any real opinion since I have just been watching whatever I feel like watching. Right now, I’m flipping between Garo: The Animation and Parasyte: The Maxim.

Jack Scheibelein posted a list of his favorite openings from 2019. I don’t generally just a show just by its openings, but still, I love me a good opening. I may check out Carole and Tuesday on the strength of that opening. Well, that and it’s animated by Bones.

Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews wrote about something I can get behind — older series that he liked in 2019. I wished I liked Martian Successor Nadesico as much as he did, but I haven’t watched it again.

And I have Boogiepop Phantom. I really need to watch that, and watch Flowers of Evil and finish watching Ghost Hound and finish Blue Comet Layzner.

Someday I will find the time, or become independently wealthy.

I’m going to wrap up with a top list like no other. Oguie Maniax put together a list of predictions in 2009 and wrote a post about whether they came true. This is an interesting idea, and it’s always nice to look back at where we were before we head forward into the next decade.

Yet again, I didn’t get through the entire week before I hit the end. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t do something like the JCS. But that seems like a tremendous amount of work.

So that’s a wrap. I hope you are all having an awesome Christmastime. And just remember that if you’re in Australia, then it’s hot during Christmas. I put this in just for the folks that read this that are from Australia.

6 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: What everyone else likes this year

  1. 😁 Thank you so much and I guess it takes a certain taste to really enjoy Nasdesico a lot. I actually watched it along side Eva this year so it’s interesting to see all the plot beats on similar episode numbers connect.

    And I made a list like this every year so I guess I have a tradition going 😁.

    1. Although, I will say that I haven’t watched Nadesico in a hot minute. I probably would have a different opinion on it now then I did way back when.

      I liked the super robot show that the crew was always watching. That part was really funny.

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