The Otakusphere: A little culture, a little vacation and too much advice

So it’s the end of another long week, and I got myself an Inversion IPA, and I’m ready to cruise into my weekend. I’m starting with a trip around the Otakusphere.

Since rejoining the blogging world, I’ve been fascinated with Irina’s blog I drink and watch anime. I feel like I missed a phenomenon. Almost like I’ve come in on the second act of a movie.


Strangely enough though even with a lot of great content about anime, I wanted to share this post about freelancing. Mostly because I have such a personal connection with it.

If you’re looking to get into writing, or really any profession, I would give you one piece of advice: Do your research. It’s amazing how often professionals will “paper” email addresses looking for a bite. Then you’ll get a follow up where the person knows exactly nothing about you, what you do, or whether what they have works for you.

(Yes, I am staying intentionally vague.)

Onto some more fun stuff. Dominic wrote this neat post about spoilers. What was strange is that this got me thinking about The Crying Game. Does anyone still remember that movie? What was funny is that I never watched that movie, but for years people were careful about keeping the spoiler at the end it hidden. It was some sort of secret code. The conversation would inevitably go like this:

“Have you seen The Crying Game?”

“Oh yeah. That ending.”

“I know, right?”

“We better not talk about it. Not everyone has seen it.”

Anyway, I’m still careful with movies like The Usual Suspects or Fight Club, where I feel like spoilers change how you watch those movies.

That is probably more eloquent then the comment I wrote. Or at the very least, I’m more intoxicated.

I love blogs posts that mash real world ideas with fiction, like would you rather go to school in Tenjou Tenge’s high school or Hogwarts? Well Tatsuko is inviting the Otakusphere on a perfectly lovely tour of anime vacation spots. Here is another tour led by Chizurue.

Some look a little less inviting, but to each their own.

I wanted to share this post about Comic Con Africa. It is a South African convention that drew 71,000 people this year. I know this is going to sound stupidly ethnocentric (read: American) of me, but it really is nice to see how people celebrate fandom around the world.

Honestly, if you have any pictures of any cons that you are willing for me to share, along with any stories, I would love to hear them. You can email me at

I know there are a few more I missed. I was looking for a post about the best anime of  2017 that I wanted to go back and read. I’m sure I’ll find it again.

So on a blog level, I’m almost done talking about The Big O. I do have another post written that I’m going to put up tomorrow, and I plan on going through the last three episodes this weekend. Even though I was a little critical in my last couple posts, I’m sill really enjoying this series.

7 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: A little culture, a little vacation and too much advice

      1. Interesting. Why is that? I still haven’t seen the movie, which I suppose makes me a Philistine. 🙂

      2. It was like watching the story with the full picture, which really made the themes and nuances become much clearer, at least for me.

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