Help Wanted, Apply within

Hah, after writing about good and liking stuff here I am asking for recommendations.

Geez, just who do I think I am.

Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of romance shows lately (Honey and Clover, NANA, Toradora!, Bokura ga Ita) and I’m looking for something else to watch along those lines. But I’m not really sure where to look, since this isn’t really a genre I’m familiar with.

Any help would be appreciated.


Otakon or Bust

I’m going down to Okaton. Going to eat me lots of… dangos? Pocky?

What is the preferred food of anime conventions anyway?

So yes, for the second time of my life I am actually going to an anime convention and I’m pretty excited. I mean it’s not a real big stretch, I live 20 miles outside of the Inner Harbor. Even with traffic, it’d probably take me an hour to get there. But still…

It’s not like I’ve avoided conventions for all of these years. It’s just that I never really saw the point. The majority of my friends weren’t really into anime the same way I’m into anime. They certainly wouldn’t bother making up budgets so that they could spend their money buying DVDs. And for the most part, I lived in the middle of a wheat field in Eastern Washington. Three hundred miles away from the nearest convention and I didn’t have a car.

So it isn’t a real surprise that I hadn’t gone until I went to Otakon 2006.

And I was severly overwhelmed. I think I spent most of my time watching stuff that either hadn’t come out yet, or stuff I hadn’t even heard of. And as someone who didn’t really download fansubs, it was definitely an experience. But this time, I’ll be prepared.

At least, I think so.

Oh ambiguity, you could possibly be a friend, sometimes

So this isn’t anything serious, but I was glancing through the headlines on Anime News Network, and I ran across this one:

Last Exile’s Murao to Draw World Destruction Manga

All I could think was, “Wow, we really should stop him before he destroys the world with that. Because that’s where I keep all my stuff.”

I know it’s not that ambiguous, but it was still funny to me.

Umm… Why is ANN doing a Spring Preview?

So am I the only one who finds it a bit ironic that ANN is doing a “real time” preview of the Spring Season. Granted, it is news. And even if I disagree with their reviews, they do seem to do it every years. But they spend so much time and effort trying to convince people that downloading fansubs is wrong that somehow I don’t think their reader base would be running out to download the fansubs of these shows.

I mean it might just be me, but aren’t they making a profit off of doing those reviews. And doesn’t it mean then that they’re making a profit off of promoting the illegal downloading of shows, or at the very least promoting shows that may or may not actually come out in the United States (or anywhere for that matter.)

Yeah. Way to go ANN. Throw ethics to the wind, so you can drag in a few extra dollars.

Wait? Seirei no Moribito?

So there are plenty of days that I remember quite clearly.

Like the day the Challenger blew up, I was sitting in a third-grade classroom, huddled around a television with about thirty or so other students. Pretty much all because Christa McCauliffe (the teacher on the shuttle) was from New Hampshire (and I was in school in New Hampshire).

I remember where I was on 9/11. I’d just woken up in my dorm and I was heading outside for a cigarette, when my RA stopped me in the hall to tell me someone had just flown a plane into the World Trade Center.

And I’ll remember where I was when I found out that Seirei no Moribito was picked up from Media Blasters.

Okay so it isn’t as dramatic as the other two, but it’s still a bit of a shock. And adding to that, Media Blasters announcement makes this the first show to be salvaged from the shipwreck that was Geneon.

Now if you’re like me, you probably had to scratch your head at that one. Wait? Seirei no Moribito? First? Don’t get me wrong, SnM is a great show. And I will buy it when it comes out. But of all of the shows stuck in limbo, this is not the one I expected to get saved. For some reason, I get the feeling that SnM was the store brand, sitting next to the top shelf items like Black Lagoon 2nd Season or Hellsing Ultimate.

Not to mention the laundry list of older titles that haven’t (and probably shouldn’t) be picked up: Trigun, Hellsing, Lain, hell even X (TV).

But as bizarre and surreal as it is, I’m still dancing around on this one. So for all you SnM fans out there, it’s time to celebrate. Sometimes being second tier does mean you come in first.

I Got some ‘splaining to do

So contrary to recent accounts, I have not died. Really. But I have been kind of sick lately.

Although that’s got nothing to do with why I’m writing this blog post. As most people who read this blog may have noticed, I’ve kind of been on hiatus. Now I could make up a bunch of excuses, saying that I kind of ran out of ideas. And right in the middle of my post-block (there really should be a blog specific word for writer’s block), I got some results back from a fiction contest I entered. Now I didn’t win, but it did inspire me to finish up a novel that I had sitting around for the last two months.

I mean I could say all that, but it doesn’t really matter does it?

Honestly, I should apologize to all the people who’s blog I normally read and comment on that I have blatantly ignored because I’ve been busy with finishing said novel. Now I won’t get so arrogant to apologize to the people who read this blog too, expecting a interesting opinion. Because the posts I didn’t put up. Well there was a reason I didn’t put them up.

Anyways, I just want to say that I’m back. At least until the next bout of writer’s block strikes. And thanks for bearing with me.

From King of the World to Kaneda

So I picked up this little gem off of the SciFi Wire (the news service for the SciFi channel) that Leonardo DiCaprio might be teaming up with Warner Brothers to produce a two-part Akira movie. Somehow the thought of DiCaprio being involved just invokes images of him yelling “Tetsuo!”

Not that it’s really going to happen that way, right?

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