The Otakusphere: Spring reviews are in the air and watch more anime

Good morning or afternoon or evening or whatever time you’re reading this. I think I’ve covered it all, so let’s start over.

Good day to you! GOOD DAY!

That sounded a bit final. Anyway, it’s Sunday again, and I have to say today was a really long tour around The Otakusphere. There is a lot of good stuff out there. There is more good stuff than I can possibly put into a blog. I learned that there is an entire anime about a Shamisen player, which now I must watch.

And there are two posts on that, which aren’t even in the main body of this post. But now that I mentioned them, you can find them here and here.

But first, for some tunes to get us started. I’ve been watching quite a bit of Monogatari lately, and I have been listening to this OP from Nekomonogatari on a pretty regular basis.

OK. Now, let’s go!

Anyone reading these posts for any time knows I’m a sucker for a post where that peeks behind the curtain into the life of the writer. This post at A Winter’s Reverie is no different.

Whether it was listening to Jim Croce during a break-up or the tiring march up a giant hill to the tunes of Barenaked Ladies’ Everything to Everyone, large sections of my life have been defined by music. So I can understand how a piece of music can help someone deal with their grief and loss.

I might have teared up a little bit.

The Otakusphere also is not ready to stop talking about The Way of the Househusband. After its initial round of getting panned, now Jesse Silver at Season 1, Episode 1 and Irina at I drink and watch anime weighed in on the side of supporting what is really a motion comic with lousy marketing.

Personally, I don’t really understand the hate Netflix has gotten with their “anime” marketing. I mean, it’s irritating that they hold off on putting shows online, and at least some of them are pretty bad, but I can’t imagine Netflix deserves this much hate.

Irina has a more straight review of the show, and Jesse’s dips a little more toward her thoughts about Internet discourse in general.

Personally, thinking about the outrage machine that is the Internet just makes me depressed.

So, let’s talk some more about it.

Scott over at Mechanical Anime Reviews is imploring people to step out of their comfort zones. Personally, I know some shows are likely not going to appeal to me, but I’m willing to give them a shot anyway. We can only judge our limits if we seek stuff outside of them, right?

OK. That either sounded wise, or it sounded like pretentious BS. Either way, I’m leaving it in.

Granted, I’ve always been interested in trying to find new things. I feel like if I’m not deluged in a bevy of options, then somehow I’m at risk of running out of entertainment.

I’m not at risk. Trust me. But there is a piece of my mind that is afraid that I will be.

Anyway, just go watch something that you wouldn’t usually. All that you have lost is some time, right?

Talking about interesting stories that might be outside of my comfort zone. Nora over at All the Fujoshi Unite put together a post about Soloist in a Cage.

Now, it seems like Nora wasn’t that big of a fan of this one, but I do like those weird stories where, for some reason, a government creates a prison city. To be honest, that would be a real pain to manage. Even the largest jail in the U.S. only has 19,000 people in it. Even that is mindbogglingly big.

Anyway, I really like the art, and sometimes that can do a lot for me. I may have to check it out.

Let’s talk about video games for a bit. Leeks Plays wrote a summary of the games and demos that she wants to check out from LudoNarraCon. To be honest, I was excited when I saw the banner had a picture of Disco Elysium. I bought that game a couple of years ago on Steam, and I love it. Granted, give me a down-and-out detective any day of the week, and I’m hooked.

But I got even more excited, and I saw that she had Haven on the list. Haven is a game I can’t recommend enough, and not just for the very soothing skating across floating islands. The conversations between the two main characters are great. It may be the best depiction of a relationship that I’ve seen in a video game.

Granted, I’ve never gotten deep into the relationship trees in Mass Effect. Still, with other Bioware games, the relationships feel like a series of branching pathways, but the relationship in Haven feels genuine.

Really. Go play it. Please.

Taking a step back into the more personal posts, Colin over at Buffalo Retro put up a post about his mother and gaming. For one, I appreciate it because it reminded me that it was Mother’s Day. The other thing was that I am a big geek. I loved fantasy novels, video games, anime, D&D when I was a kid, and my parents didn’t get it at all.

But, for the most part, they accepted that I was just a strange kid. Not in a weird way, just in that I was more interested in the new Tad Williams book than I was in watching the Pats play.

It’s nice to see this story about his experiences. I really hope that his mom got to go back and play the game.

From talking about other people’s lives, let’s talk a little bit more about mine.

For the first time in a long time, I’m watching a seasonal show as it’s airing. Or at least, I am for now. I decided to watch 86 – Eight-six because I really wanted a real robot show. Do I think 86 is the next coming of Gundam? No. Not really. But I do think it’s pretty good, and I’m enjoying watching it.

But you don’t have to take my word on it. Infinite Zenith, Otaku Central and 100 Word Anime all shared their thoughts about the first three episodes. I would say the show doesn’t really start to hit its stride until the end of the fourth episode.

But anyway, go check out their blogs.

Talking about shows that I might be interested in watching. Richard Wood Text Adventure might have finally sold me on Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagotaro. When I initially heard this title and saw that art, I thought it would just be some weird teacher fantasy story. You know, like, “Oh boy, a teacher has the hots for a kid.”

Having seen several reviews since then, I’m starting to warm up to the premise. I might have to give it a shot at some point.

After I get through all of the other crush of stuff that I should really watch.

Stephen Hero over at Anime Herald is making the Otakusphere this week with this super detailed article about the third Patlabor movie and the problems with auteur theory. At least, the issues with trying to tie an entire production to the director’s vision.

So I have mixed feelings about auteur theory. Television and movies are not a one-person operation. I think some directors apply their will to a production, like Miyazaki or Oshii; I don’t think we should look at directors as some sort of singular force.

I could probably go on about this, but I think you should go check out the post.

Finally, I want to wrap up with one of those weird time-passing moments. When I decided to resurrect this blog, I decided to start my analysis series by looking at The Big O. One of my inspirations was a series of episode reviews over at Wrong Way, Every Time.

Well, a year and a half later, they wrapped up talking about the last episode in the first season of The Big O. They are super detailed in their episode reviews. It’s worth a look.

So that is all I have for this week. Somehow, I managed to get that post written in an hour. Good for me. Now I have to mow the lawn. Man, being an adult is hard.

Just remember to be good, be careful, learn a lot and call your mother, but not necessarily in that order.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Spring reviews are in the air and watch more anime

  1. Really enjoyed ‘Haven’ when I played it, I know what you mean about the skating and the dialogue too, yeah.

    It crashed a fair bit for me, but I enjoyed it enough that I just put up with it. I was happy to lose a bit of progress here and there to see how things turned out.

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