The Otakusphere: Shinsengumi, old news and pining for an acorn

It’s a bright, shiny Easter morning, and I have been gifted with chocolate and a week off from work. The start of my vacations always have so much promise. I’m going to watch anime. I’m going to blog. I’m going to get caught up on the 50 bagillion games that I have in my backlog.

Not to mention the chores I’m going to finish. I still need to dig out my barn, move rabbits around, and make everything cool.

I’m hoping this week will live up to my dreams, and I will at least accomplish something. But for today, we’re touring around the embarrassment of riches that is The Otakusphere.

So let’s start our engines, put on some tunes, and get going.

We’re starting this week over at Nonplayergirl’s Good Goings post for March. There is so much out there in the world of games and anime to be excited about.

Did you know that they’re reprinting s-Cry-ed? I’m super excited to get some old-fashioned Goro Taniguchi goodness.

I can’t help but be hyped by the excitement in this post. From Pokemon news to Hakouki to the Ask Iwata book, there are many neat things to check out. Go do it!

Speaking of impassioned reactions to long-standing properties, Shoujo’s fandom for Hakouki is nearly legendary. She put together a PowerPoint presentation to explain what this series is.

To be honest, I’m fascinated by the Shinsengumi. I’m also fascinated by the fact that they’ve become something of Japanese folk heroes. We do have something similar to them in the United States with the Confederacy’s glorification, but it’s rooted in racism and a bad experience with Reconstruction. I feel like this colors how I look at the Shinsengumi.

That said, Hajime Saito was freaking cool in real life.

Everything I have read about the civil war in Japan paints both sides in a kinder light. Or at least, neither side was really 100 percent right. I really should go back and listen to the overview of the conflict. I previously listened to the History of Japan podcast’s recounting.

But unrelated to all of that Shoujo wrote a post about Hakouki Reimeiroku and why you should watch it.

Let’s go from the Shinsengumi to talking about addiction during the Ice Age.

Look I don’t want to ruin too much of Leo the Lion’s post about Scrat and his addiction to an acorn. What I will say is that it’s freaking brilliant. Go read it.

Sometimes a post can walk a line between being utterly serious and seeming like the author is inviting the reader in on a joke. This post does this in spades. I can’t tell if this is a genuine take or something akin to the theory that everyone in Star Wars wanted to die within Luke’s ghost body range. Either way, it’s worth the read.

Talking about taking a deeper look at how we interact with fiction.

OK. That transition is a bit of a stretch, but this post from AniCourses is about how people internalize the concepts and ethical questions raised during visual novels.

I always find how we interact with media to be an interesting question. For instance, I really love Witcher 3. Not really because of its gameplay, characters or art (although those things are great), but because I don’t know what answer is the “good” answer and which one is the “bad” one.

Essentially if Geralt is a jerk, the game makes the player complicit in that by giving us two seemingly “bad” answers. To make this even more complex, even the “right” answer doesn’t always have the best result.

It’s possible that visual novels and otome games have the same power.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out the post.

I borrowed this from the AniCourses blog.

Moving from how we interact with media to other people interacting with media, Another Anime Review put up this post about the Center for Learning Unlimited’s short film.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that news, guests and fish all start to stink after three days. This short film put together by a group of neurodiverse students will show you what you can do with at least one of those things.

But really, the shining star is what is printed on the pages of these tabloid news covers. I caught a few of the headlines, and they made me chuckle.

Fun fact: tabloid doesn’t refer to a newspaper’s content; it relates to the size (and by extension that affects the layout.) A typical newspaper is called a broadsheet.

The more you know and all that.

And you know who knows a lot of things? Pinkie!

Pinkie’s Pokemon Paradise and Tiki Joint is celebrating its 500th post, and Pinkie is ready to tell you about everything that she has learned. I just crossed the line into 300 posts after starting this blog in 2007, so I’m impressed that she has made it to 500 in two years.

(Note: I realize that neither Pokemon nor Tiki Joint are in the title. I just like using them.)

Go on. Go say hello, and hear what she has to say.

K is not unaffiliated with affection, as shown by his kitten in this post. And he has finally revealed his face.

No, it’s not the guy with the big black circle in front of his face. No, it’s the kitten. We now know that K stands for Kitten. Kitten at the movies. Kitten on the beach. Kitten in the basket. Kitten in a bowler.

OK. Enough of that.

I want to finish up with a couple more travel posts. One is from Blubbyweb, where we get a tour of more temples near Kyoto. What I really like from these photos is the sense of age in these places. I know that I live in a relatively young area of an already young country, so seeing places that seemed touched by age is really interesting.

I’m sure most of these temples have had pieces replaced, so they’re probably mostly more new than old. But still, they seem old.

To contrast with that, Yomu shared pictures of Tokyo. I was really blown away by the photos from the light show. Even without the motion, some of those are just captivating.

Really go and check it out.

That is all I have from The Otakusphere this week. Just remember to be good, be careful and learn a lot, but not necessarily in that order.

And, as always, thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Shinsengumi, old news and pining for an acorn

  1. Thanks for featuring me!
    The other content is great as well
    Note though , my blog isnt 5 years old, it is nearly 2!
    Thanks again though for the new wisdoms and interesting blog content

  2. Chocolate 🍫 and time off ⏰ and bunnies!!!! 🐰 MAY I SUGGEST BUNNY PICTURES IN THE DISCORD?? Thanks for the mention. I liked reading this, and I’m gonna have to check out some of the other posts that you mentioned! Also, the Shinsengumi and history of Japan IS totally fascinating, I agree! Especially trying to figure out the “good guys” and “bad guys” during a time of complicated and changing loyalties!! Ah! I’m not gonna fangirl today, I’m not! (I am.)

    1. I’m glad that you’re back. I noticed that you had stepped away for a bit. I was intrigued by the idea.

  3. Many thanks for spreading the word about CLU’s very first film fest entry! And, yeah, those headlines were really something–I’m still worried about poor Bigfoot!

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