Welcome to #TheJCS part 3


So I did hear that there was some confusion about what I’m doing with #TheJCS. Whenever I’ve participated in #TheJCS before, I’ve found it a daunting experience to read through it all. I mean even if you only write 250 words per post, that means you end up with 12,500 words for 50 posts.

Things are going to get lost in that span.

I don’t want your posts to get lost. I think every person put a lot of work and care into their posts, and they deserve to have some sort of time.

I may not do the best job at selling them, but that is my failing. I don’t want it to be the format’s failing.

I plan to put it all together into a single post at the end of this project, but for now I’m going to put out two “days” at a time. This will end up coming out to six posts total.

Sorry if this is confusing. If you would like to complain, you can find me @Cameron_Probert on Twitter.

OK. Now that the housekeeping is done, let’s get to the important part.

Day 4

It’s Wednesday Aug. 18. My work week starts on Tuesday and ends on Saturday so today is my Tuesday, but it’s really Wednesday.

I know for most people time has lost meaning with COVID-19 forcing us all to stay at home. For me, time has always been a little bit weird. Whether it’s late night calls or weekend assignments, my work life is forever unpredictable.

Oh and stressful.

Today was one of those weird days when the most stressful part of the day came at the end. In my line, work comes when it comes and I had a lot of work come at the end of the day.

So I don’t really have anything funny or exciting to talk about today.

But I am committed to get through today.

Let’s start talking about war?

Sometimes I wonder if I fail as a fan. I’m pretty sure the title of Illusion Purple’s post (When the war enters real life: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen) is referring to the fact that this is a real-life adaptation of a anime.

(Checks the Internet for Kaguya-Sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-Tachi no Renai Zunousen) Yep. I’m right.

(Reads synopsis) OK. So this is a love story.

I’m not sure if this is a love story that I’m interested in watching or not, but I do like the costume design. I’ve never made the jump into J-Drama. Part of it is a bit of snobbishness on my part. I want good production values and quality acting, and I’m afraid that I’m not going to get that if I make the plunge.

I also dislike the attempt to be slavishly loyal to either the anime or manga source material. It doesn’t translate well to me, but that might just be my problem and not a problem with the actual material.

I don’t think this is really the place I should start, but I wouldn’t mind finding the adaptation of Nodame Cantible or Honey and Clover and seeing how they came out.

And now we move on to talking about A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun.

But before I move onto Takuto’s post, I have to say I really like the titles of both of these shows. There is something kind of Victorian about starting with A Certain. You could say A Certain Green Notebook, and it would sound somewhat mysterious.

What’s interesting is that I was talking about these series with my sister earlier this week. So I watched A Certain Magical Index way back when it was initially coming out through less than legal means. I never wanted to see Railgun though, mostly because the character was off-putting.

But if you think the series is daunting now, Takuto does give you a good guide for engaging with the series.

It’s also part of the OWLS Mini-Con which is a wonderful idea. Honestly, OWLS is kind of a great idea. I’ve said this before, but I”m always a big fan of things that bring the community together, and that’s what OWLS does.

So good on you.

Oh Toradora.

Moya and Primes really spend their time going through the final episode of Toradora. I was particularly delighted about the wedding reference that we get in the first episode.

Also I have to talk about Taiga and her Tsundere-ness. One of the interesting things that the beginning of a trope is probably when it’s at it’s best. For instance, 48 Hrs is a much more interesting movie than Lethal Weapon because it’s in this middle ground for buddy cop movies. It shares move in common with movies like The French Connection and even Midnight Cowboy.

Lethal Weapon may be the model of a buddy cop movie, but it’s all shaved corners and clean lines. It’s good, but it’s not interesting. (If that makes sense.) Granted, I think Shane Black has spent the rest of his career coming up with really interesting variations on Lethal Weapon that are arguably better, but that’s not really my point.

What I wanted to say is that Taiga is a tsundere, but she is almost the prototype tsundere. She is disagreeable because she’s a disagreeable person, not because she’s filling a role.

That’s one of the wonderful things about Toradora. It’s a show with really well developed characters that aren’t just designed to fit into well-crafted holes.

You want to know how BL and Mecha shows are the same.

Well you aren’t going just find a copy of Blue Comet Layzner by strolling into your local Walmart. It’s not available streaming (that I’ve been able to find.) The only way to get it is through piracy.

That is what I was thinking as I listened to The Yaoi Shelf’s talk about piracy.

I have a lot of feelings about piracy. I mean I benefited from fansubs, and I bought most of the shows that I enjoyed. There are some though that I never did.

Here are my short feelings about it. Piracy is theft, and theft is always wrong. Blaming translations or “corporate greed” is an excuse. Normally, they are flimsy excuses.

That said, not all theft is equal. Grabbing a television off of a store shelf is not the same as grabbing a candy bar. The amount of harm caused is different. The amount of harm I cause by finding a Dougram illegally streaming is far different then the amount of harm I cause watching My Hero Academia through illegal means.

Not only that, it’s much easier to do the right thing in MHA’s case than it is with Dougram.

Give them a listen though, you might come out with a different perspective about it.

Day 5

Today is Friday.

Well really it’s my Thursday, but for the rest of the world today is Friday.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how people perceive the world. My days off are Sunday and Monday, and to make it feel like a “normal” workweek I call them my weekend. They aren’t the weekend. It causes other people no end of consternation when I say, it’s Monday when it’s Tuesday.

But it’s the construction I use to make working on Saturday just that little bit more bearable.

That’s one of the reasons I structured The JCS this way, is that the structure of doing five posts a day makes the load of work ahead of me more bearable. And sure I could put them into organized areas so you could find them easily, but I prefer these small, bite-sized chunks where both you and I can easily peruse the new people’s posts every day.

Without much further ado, let’s talk about dubs.

Sometimes I read a post and I find myself finding something new that I agree with in each paragraph. That is how I feel about this post from The Backloggers talking about watching the dub of Haikyuu!!. It’s full of some really salient points about why a dub isn’t inherently worse than a sub.

I’ll be honest. I’m still shocked that dubs vs. subs is still a thing. Way back in the before time, it did actually matter because anime was sold on VHS and you had to pick. Either you wanted the dub or you wanted the sub.

Now depending on who you talk to and depending on the anime, the dub or the sub could be uniquely superior (and it was usually the sub) but since DVDs it doesn’t matter. If you like the sub, watch that. If you like the dub, watch that.

What I do want to add is a point that GeneralTofu appeared to miss. We can tell how poorly a dub is acted. When I tried watching the dub of Legend of Black Heaven, it was bad. It was so bad that it actually changed the meaning of the show.

When the acting in a sub is bad, we can’t tell. Well unless you’re a native speaker or have studied the language, then you might be able to tell. I have a feeling that this is what underlies a lot of the elitism over subs.

Well that and the exoticism of anime. People equate the fact that they’re watching something in Japanese to mean that somehow they’re more cultured. Like somehow engaging with a foreign language makes it cool.

Yeah. Sorry about that. Anyways, go read the post. He writes far more eloquently than I am.

Sometimes it’s a small pebble that shifts the mountain, right?

Did that even make sense?

Amanda Actually wrote a wonderful post about how the mad King Ludwig changed her life, or at least became an obsession and seeing his castles was a highlight in her life.

In 2015, I went back to Maryland and visited Gettysburg. My parents lived about an hour south in the town of Frederick, so my wife and I stayed with them and traveled up there. What is strange is that I had lived in Maryland for three years and never visited any of The Civil War sites.

While I was interested in the decades leading up to the war, I was never really interested in was the war itself. It seemed so anticlimactic. In retrospect it just seemed like the thing that had to happen.

But with such a large piece of American History in front of me I had to see it. I’m glad I did. I’m a cynical person, and I was moved and felt small in front of that giant open field. It somehow made the magnitude of it all more real. I realized that while it had to happen, there was no guarantee that it would end that way or that it would end well.

Yes, I know there is a historian that is chomping at the bit to tell me that I’m wrong, and I would agree with him or her if I talked about it logically, but standing there at that time, I’m not so sure.

It was good experience and I’m glad that I had it.

About a year later, I lost my Dad.

It was not sudden, but it wasn’t long. Either way, and no matter how I shade it, it was awful. The worst time in what was my worst year.

As I was sitting in a Seattle restaurant waiting for my plane, I wrote a Facebook post. It didn’t carry all of the pain I felt. I don’t think that is a thing that could happen.

Now every year, I see the pictures from Gettysburg in my FB memories at the same time that I see that post. It strangely enough makes that moment in Gettysburg feel happy in comparison.

I am curious if Amanda’s loss colored their perspective of Ludwig’s castle.

Well where do we go from that.

Let’s move on and talk about a YouTube channel Boujge Fujoshi. Now I’m a fake anime fan, so when I see the term Fujoshi, I just think it’s going to be something awful.

That is what anime is — 70 percent niche things that outsiders thing are horrible, and 30 percent niche things that are probably awful but we like anyway.

I mean is there really an excuse for Camille Bidan? Is there? Really?

Now that I looked it up, it’s not really awful at all. It’s a BL fandom thing. Man, there is a lot of BL fandom out there. More than I ever thought. I mean that’s great. Whatever floats your boat.

Strange enough, I actually think I know what Bougie means without looking it up. It’s a slang shortening of bourgeoisie because who needs French. Sometimes I can go down rabbit holes on the Internet, I found out that the origin of bourgeoisie comes from people who lived in walled towns.

And it was co-opted by merchants, professionals and manufacturers who wanted political influence. The transition from medieval politics to current economic theories is interesting.

Anyway, I’m off the topic.

I appreciate that she knows what manwha is and that it’s different than manga. So she gets my vote.

OK. On to talking about Demon Slayer.

Again, I am a fake anime fan. I have not watched this show. What I will say though is Annime’s description of the “training arc” reminded me of something I really liked about Kenichi. He really is pretty bad in comparison to his teachers, and that is consistent for the entire show.

She does a wonderful job of summing up her thoughts on the show.

Demon Slayer seems to be a show that polarizes people in a way that helps the show’s popularity, but it probably more than the show really deserves.

It seems like Twilight in that way. People get upset about sparkly vampires, but that’s probably not it’s biggest problem.

Anyway. That’s it for me today. I will see you tomorrow.

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