The Otakusphere: Bad manufacturing, inner lives and a whole lot of spiky hair

So I have to start by being honest.

I feel like every time I do one of these lately, I’m apologizing for skipping a week. I suppose really it’s my own loss. There probably were dozens of really great posts that I didn’t read because I was busy playing Witcher 3 or Trails of Cold Steel 2.

I’ve just been really tired lately, and not especially inspired. When that is combined with my just general desire to procrastinate, I end up just putting everything off. At some point, I have to forgive myself for doing it otherwise I will give up entirely, and I don’t want to do that.

Maybe I should start exercising.

I promise though that even if I skip a week, I will keep cruising the Otakusphere.

Let’s get some tunes going and get to cruising.

One of my favorite ideas in fiction is this idea that the person we think we are is different than the person we really are. Basically, I really like unreliable narrators and people who think they might be unreliable narrators. It’s probably my favorite thing about Revisions.

I’ve always thought about doing a post comparing Revisions to another lesser-known mecha show called Linebarrels of Iron, which does something similar.


But that is beside the point because LitaKino brought up one of my favorite examples of this of all time — Rurouni Kenshin. The fundamental question at the center of the show is if the main character is really Himura Kenshin or Battousai the manslayer?

While I think the show settles on the easy answer eventually, the height of that inner turmoil is some of the best drama in that show.

Lumi touches on a similar idea in this commentary about Beastars. A show I should watch, but haven’t.

I’m constantly enamored with this question about whether humans are good or evil on a basic level. I personally prefer to sidestep this by saying that people are generally selfish, and have adapted in such a way that our selfishness usually serves the group.

Basically, people help other people because it makes them feel good, which makes them want to help more people. While this could be seen as a cynical outlook, we can’t forget that the response to pro-social activities doesn’t diminish them. Just because it feels good to do good doesn’t make “doing good” bad.

And some part of that has to be hard-wired into us. We do good because it feels good because millions of years ago the people who survived were the ones that worked well in groups.

Anyways, go give it a read if you haven’t yet.

One more post that is along similar lines of doing acting without thought. Honey’s Anime had a post critiquing anime review sites. It raised an interesting idea, “What is your preferred rating system?”

Normally, I rate most things on a scale of one to five because I believe most people rate things on a scale of one to five even if they use a scale of one to 10. Whan I mean is that they consider a “five” horrible when really it should be OK.

I’ve always noticed that I’m hesitant to say something is a two. It’s either a one (because it’s horrible), a three (because most things are threes) or a four (because it’s better than a three.)

Only a small range of things are really fives.

So you might be asking yourself, “Well iniksbane, you haven’t been watching anime or posting blogs, what have you been doing?” Well, I’ve been playing Trails of Cold Steel 2, which is interesting. I didn’t play the first game, so I am a little lost, but overall, it’s fun.

There is a whole generation of JRPGs that I’ve never played. I played a small piece of Tales of Berseria, which is fun, but sooooooo emo. I should get back to it though.

I bring this up because I’ve never gotten into was the Kingdom Hearts series. They were simply too goofy for me. But I like Irina’s review of the first game, so I might give it another shot.

Sometimes there is a post that is secretly brilliant.

When I started this piece over at Mechanical Anime Reviews, I thought of plenty of things I could say about Ishii’s plane in Girls’ Last Tour. I could talk about the fruitlessness of human endeavor. I might mention how wishing something and doing it are often completely different things. Perhaps I could wax poetic about how the episode played against expectations.

What I didn’t expect was an analysis of why the process of building the plane was flawed. It really surprised me in a good way. You should go read it.

Pinkie always finds the weirdest things. She compiled a list of weird Nintendo peripherals. Did you know they made an actual go-kart controller? And I remember ROB. I’m going to see if I can find the old commercial for ROB because that was crazy.

Anyways, I think I’m going to give up on trying to finish the second book in the Haruhi series before I start working on my Haruhi posts. I think this week seems like a good place to start.

As always, thanks for reading.

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