The Otakusphere: Free markets, Artsy films and fine hats

I’m a man of many habits. Some — like going to work — are very prosocial and make sure I can continue to survive.

Some — like playing video games — are a way for me to shut off my worries into a little box so I don’t have to think about them for a little bit.

All of this is a long way of saying that I’ve been playing  Tales of Berseria lately, which is likely the most ridiculous game I’ve ever played. Mostly because the main female lead is either 100 percent goody-two-shoes or 100 percent brooding anti-hero.


Thanks to Jon Spencer Reviews for this neat logo


I find myself just saying, “Soooo edgy,” to the screen a lot. But video games are why you’re getting a late edition of The Otakusphere this week. So let’s crank up the tunes, and rev the engine and start our tour.

So I have some thoughts about School Days, but my biggest weakness in talking about it is that I’m not a fan of harem shows. This means School Days really is not a show made for me. I can appreciate what it does, but I still stand by my basic assessment. It’s a show so dedicated to making its point that it completely sidesteps character motivations and logic to get there.

This is not even counting my personal dislike for the messages in the show. It lets Makoto off far too easy, pins too much of the blame on Sekai and paints Katsura as some sort of revenging ingenue.

This is why seeing Dewbond’s interpretations of the show and its two principal love interests are worthwhile. He has far more investment in the genre, which means School Days is a show made for him.

Now to transition from stories about miserable people to a story about a cat. Al over at Al’s Manga Blog put together a review of What’s Michael, the story of an orange tabby that doesn’t like lasagna and hate Mondays. (Well I’m not sure about those, but I can assume that he isn’t Garfield.)

I’ve always wondered what goes through the minds of pets, and how much of ourselves we put on them. I like the idea of a story exploring the mundane frustrations of cat ownership.

I’ve been listening to a pop punk cover of Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy. I like both versions of the song, but it gets me thinking about what is the best way to translate creative works across mediums.

I know it isn’t exactly the same thing, but I wanted a way to get into talking about Not Psychotic’s post on kawaiipaperpandas about adaptations.

Not Psychotic explores the idea through adaptations that fail. I do disagree with one of the points in the post. I don’t think anyone sets out to do a mediocre job. That’s what makes bad art tragic. Imagine everyone is trying their hardest and it’s still bad.

From there to things that are made purposefully obtuse, like The Lighthouse. K at the Movies put together this wonderful post about absurdism, and why The Lighthouse is the modern movie version of Waiting for Godot.

Honestly, I’ve been meaning to watch Waiting for Godot, so I can meaningfully talk about Girls’ Last Tour. Well, as meaningful as I ever get.

Go check out his post and learn something.

This post from Anicourses educated me about the changes to what Valve is willing to accept on Steam and the history of anime games. I never realized that Steam tried to keep their content out of adults-only range. It’s fascinating to me that loosening the restrictions on content would mean a drop in quality.

I mean it makes sense. In a totally free market, there is always going to be more noise in the system.

The other thing this post made me realize is that anime clothing physics is just wrong.


I want someone to show me a dress that does this and is one continuous piece of cloth. Ack. This is not how cloth behaves.

Let’s wrap up with a month after my heart. It’s Mecha March, and Scott and LitaKino have been writing about various robots and robot shows. I really wanted to share LitaKino’s list of people she would gladly follow.

There is one person that isn’t on that list. I would gladly follow the captain of the SDF Macross because he also is a bearded captain with a fine hat.

It’s all about the fine hat.

Anyways, that’s all that I have for this week. I have three more episodes of RahXephon and four more posts to write and then I will be finished. I ran a poll on Twitter and Serial Experiments Lain and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya tied. Of those two, I’m the most excited about writing about Haruhi, because why wouldn’t I want to write about a capricious and occasionally cruel god.

As always, thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Free markets, Artsy films and fine hats

  1. This might be the first time a non-anime/non-blog tag post has gotten a shout out. Not bad for the “at the movies” site. Thanks a lot of informative folks mentioned in this one so very neat to be mentioned with them.

    Glad ye were fond of me review!

    1. Not the first, but definitely the first time I’ve done it for a North American production. I’ve shared a few of Iridium Eye reviews because he reviews a lot of foreign films that I never heard of.

      1. Yeah that would make more sense…but I meant first time for me being featured in a shout out… by anyone without anime pandering haha. Iridium Eye has a lot of good content so I’m glad it gets some love here and there.

    1. They were good posts. I think it’s an interesting show to talk about and I can see what it’s trying to do. I just know that I’m not the target demo for the show.

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