The Otakusphere: Everything is coming up iniksbane

You ever have one of those days where every song on the radio is about you? Or every show on the television seems to be speaking to your view of the human condition?

It could just be the opening lines from the Friend’s theme song, or those lines in the Deathcab’s Grapevine Fires. There are just days when it feels like we’re just all moving through a simulation, and somehow you’ve caught its frequency.

I mean it’s all confirmation bias, but that something you have to remind yourself of.


Well, all of that is to say that the Otakusphere this week seems to have my number. So let’s put on some tunes, this time one of my favorite AMVs, and get to cruising.

Well talking about tunes, Tiger put together this lovely reflection on what music means to him. As someone who often spends hours on YouTube just clicking through songs that I like, I can understand where he’s coming from.

Honestly, my entire favorites list on YouTube is made of songs that I like.

You know what else I like. Talking about cinematography. Irina shared an old post she wrote about color theory, which had a fascinating idea in it. All of the color in anime is intentional.

Yes, I know that shouldn’t be mind-blowing, but next time you watch a show, just think that someone made a conscious choice about not just the color, but the lighting and the clothing styles. I’ve noticed in several anime lately that light does not behave like normal light. Often it will highlight things it would never highlight in real life.

I have fun thinking about those things.

I don’t normally like putting two posts from the same blog on these lists, but I also think that Irina’s post about the five bloggers who helped her when she was starting is worth checking out as well.

I’ve always liked the idea of retro games. As much as I’m a gamer now, I wasn’t a gamer in my youth. The fact is I was never really good at video games.

All of that said, there is an aesthetic to what we thought were awesome games in our youth. I have to agree with Pete at MoeGamer that DEPA★PAKU captures that look and feel pretty well. I’m fascinated with a platformer where the character is always moving.

I’m a big fan of finding weird merchandise marketed toward a fandom like Pokemon toilet seat covers or an “authentic” Hellsing patch.

Strange merch is just one of those things I always find interesting, so when Pinkie came up with a list of seemingly bizarre Pokemon paraphernalia, I was all in. Probably the most disturbing is the Misty window decal. It just seems a bit gross to turn a children’s cartoon character into a sexpot complete with a string of condoms tucked into her waist and a stack of dollar bills jammed into the garter belt.

That is just gross.

I’m going to wrap up with a couple of posts about regrets. Here is one from Casper over at Reasons to Anime about how Ancient Magus’ Bride finally put a stop to more manga purchases. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a habitual buyer of things. I own games and movies that I haven’t even cracked into. Maybe one day I will, or maybe I won’t.

On the flip side, Keiko posted a list of five romance shows she hasn’t seen. I also haven’t seen any of those shows, and I probably should. Right after I finish watching RahXephon and Monster.


And on one final note, Scott put up his review of School Days following our #AniTwitWatches review of it. It’s a show I still have some feelings about.

But hey, he definitely waited longer than I did to put his opinion into a post.

As always, thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Everything is coming up iniksbane

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Honestly, I went about it in a roundabout way but all I wanted to do was just recommend that song by anNina. Thanks for reading and sharing it haha

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