The Otakusphere: Love, love, love and loneliness

It looks like I’m doomed. I simply can’t escape Valentine’s Day this week. Love (or at least cards and romance shows) is in the air across The Otakusphere this week.

I even got my own Valentine’s Day card specifically done by Jon Spencer. It’s all about Chirico Cuvie. Jon says it’s his come hither look. I think it’s just his “I’ve got to blow up 30 or so vertical tanks in the span of a few minutes” stare. Because Chirico only has eyes for Fyanna, and war, but mostly war. I have to share K’s and Tiger’s Valentines as well because they’re rad.

Chirico valentines

So it’s time to tune up our Chrysler (because it’s as big as a whale) and go on a love-filled tour of The Otakusphere.

I’ve got to start with the love of the stuff from our childhoods. In this case, a movie that no one thought was going to be good — Sonic the Hedgehog. Ralph from Anime Pad and D&A Anime Blog posted their mostly thoughts about what may be the best video game to movie adaptation yet. If you don’t count Silent Hills, which was pretty good.

I’m not interested in going out to the theaters to watch the movie because I don’t really care about Sonic, but I’m glad that it worked out instead of being a giant mess.
On a side note, The Traditional Catholic Weeb threw some of her own thoughts out there about shipping Tails and Cosmo. I really don’t know anything about the characters, but it is worth checking out.

It also involves Latin used in a modern context. I’m excited about that.

I thought about sharing Irina’s dating guide for anime here, but I’ll just leave the link and assume that you’ve read it. Because if you aren’t reading Irina, what are you doing with your life?

What I will share is YouC4N7Know’s Weeb’s guide to avoiding the suffering of Valentine’s Day. While there have been times in my life that I’ve been alone, I’ve never dreaded V-day. It’s really just another day on the calendar for me.

That said, I can certainly grok the crushing weight of loneliness as you stare into a barren future, and wonder if anyone could ever really love you. I just chose to stuff down my feelings with some bourbon and cake.

Well that got a little personal.

It looks like a new future is on the horizon though. Lumi shared this moderately NSFW most about the newest cam girl ready to live out your fantasies. Only now it’s  a 3-D rendered animation. It’s not my thing, but I don’t begrudge people their kink as long as it doesn’t hurt people.

That said, the backlash is fascinating. I’m more disturbed that there are men that stalk real-life cam girls. Come on guys, just let the fantasy be a fantasy and don’t be jerks.

I know my words aren’t going to accomplish anything, but I thought I’d share my thoughts.

On to the final Valentine’s Day inspired post. Mari over at It’s Going to Be Okay shared her thoughts about romance in anime. It’s made me wonder if there are any more romance shows where there are actual relationships. Back in the before times that was actually a thing. Bokura ga Ita, Nodame Cantabile, Honey and Clover, Paradise Kiss and NANA are all great examples of this.

That said, it’s now something I see any more. I’m not sure if it’s just me or do these even exist anymore. Because I really liked those shows.

That said, I really liked the shows that ended in a kiss if they were done well. They aren’t realistic, but I wasn’t looking for realism from them.

To finish this week off, a few weeks ago, I shared a 100 Word Anime post about Bofuri, which is a show I haven’t watched, but I thought the concept is neat. Would the show work if the main character wasn’t a cute girl? Well, MagicConan has an answer — Yes it would.

She also adds some thoughts with another show that I haven’t watched. I do think it’s interesting to wonder if my response to a show would change if the character was a different gender. I should probably consider it more often.

On a personal note, I really wanted to share a couple of my own posts this week. I’m past the halfway point in RahXephon, and finally tackled the topics of nonsense monsters and what the show is trying to say about self-identity.

That is all that I have from this week’s tour around The Otakusphere. I’m sorry that I didn’t do one last week. I had a rough week at work and just couldn’t build up the steam to get it going.

As always, thanks for reading.

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