The Otakusphere: Eldritch abominations, broken hearts and it’s almost Christmas?

It’s three days until Christmas.

Three. Days. Until. Christmas.

Every time I look up from the madness swirling around me, it feels like time raced past me. Wasn’t it just 90 degrees? I know it’s a tired paean from people in their middle years, but it feels like time just gets away from me. It’s like one of those science fiction stories where they describe time as being a place rather than something we move through. I feel like I’m constantly in a present, but the placement of it just changes.


But that doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas. Between the lighted trees, my little ceramic village and decorations in the stores, I love Christmas.

So to celebrate, let’s put my favorite Christmas song here to provide some holiday cheer as we speed through time on a light-speed tour of the Otakusphere.

Ashleycapes over at The Review Heap put together a list of five unfinished anime that he would like to see more of. Two of those picks are standouts to me. First I totally agree that Claymore needs a better ending. It did such a great job building to it’s ending, but the payoff just never came.

The other one is Moribito, which is a show I don’t hear enough people talking about. I agree the series did come to a great conclusion, but it could have led into more seasons. That is a show I need to watch again soon.

My personal addition to this list would be Spiral, which really needs to be entirely remade. I loved the idea of a kid drawn into a battle of wits with seemingly immense intelligence. The first few arcs were great, but the show fell apart so dramatically that it left me heartbroken. Unfortunately, I still own those disks and they keep popping up whether I want them to or not.

One of my least well-kept secrets is that I really like a good josei or shoujo romance title. I even like a few shounen ones. On my list of top shows in that genre is Paradise Kiss. It’s based on a manga written by Ai Yazawa, who also wrote Nana. While Nana gets to be a bit too much for me, I think Paradise Kiss has just enough pathos for me to get behind.

Al over at Al’s Manga Blog wrote up a good review about the series, and I have to agree that the characters in this story are great, and I love seeing the story of a bad relationship. Too often we see these troubled relationships get papered over. I love it when life gets portrayed as the messy drama it often is.

The folks over at We be bloggin’ asked the most important question in all of anime. What is it with hairpins? It is interesting how often anime and manga use jewelry to represent the ties that bind people. We do it in real life, but it is always so much more significant in fiction.

I mean everything is so much more significant in fiction. OK. I can see the hole I’m digging, I’m just going to put down the shovel now.

I know. You thought you were going to get out of this Otakusphere without me mentioning a post about music. Well, you’re not! Crow over at Crow’s Anime World answered a tag post from Dewbond that I might have already included in one of these once.

So I’m a big fan of these kinds of thought exercises. They’re kind of like trying to come up with what your theme song would be.

Now to wrap it up with the most Halloween-inspired Christmas post ever. Jiraiyan over at The Otaku Orbit put together a list of the top five Eldritch abominations in anime and manga. To be honest, I would find it hard to make it to a list of five.

I really like that he included the angels from Eva. I like feeling vindicated. It’s not like anyone disagreed with me, but I still feel vindicated.

Anyways that is all I have on my list. Are there any posts I missed? Which ones would you recommend?

As always, thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Eldritch abominations, broken hearts and it’s almost Christmas?

  1. Thanks for the mention — much appreciated!

    “I feel like I’m constantly in a present, but the placement of it just changes.”

    You’re not alone. It gets worse every year for me!

  2. I’ve been getting into The Review Heap blog. I swear Ashley and I know and like so many of the same anime series or movies, it’s kind of scary. He’s the only other person I know who’s ever talked about and reviewed Kurogane Communication of all things which is amazing. Hahaha!

      1. Definitely check it out. It’s the happiest post-apocalyptic series ever and the main character is a photo negative parody of Asuka Langley Soryu which is interesting because the creator made EVA parodies before making Kurogane Communication. Haha! Yeah, that blog is great.

  3. Hey! Thanks for sharing my ‘unfinished anime’ post 🙂

    I hadn’t heard of ‘Spiral’, that sounds great. And I was *so* ready for more of Moribito but I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon, sadly. Still thinking about reading the books one day though.

    1. I don’t know if Spiral is great, but the first part was interesting. But I think if more of the manga was adapted it might have been interesting.

      I’ve always wanted to read the 12 Kingdoms books for the same reason.

      1. Yes! More 12 Kingdoms would be ace.

        (And I’m definitely curious about the strong start and then the collapse with ‘Spiral’ – it’s always sad to see it happen but still interesting at least.)

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