I’ve got a real neat blog: Theater of MIIIND edition

Huzzah! I’ve got a real neat blog.

Don’t believe me? Well Lynn Sheridan the Otaku Author told me I did.

OK. OK. OK. So I know that this isn’t really that this isn’t really that big of a deal, but it’s nice to have someone notice my blog and think, “Hey. That guy probably knows something about answering questions.” Well I do, and thank you Lynn for your insight, and thanks for nominating me.


As someone who once flirted with fiction writing, I appreciate that Lynn wants to live the dream. He has some books listed on his Twitter and you should check them out. If that doesn’t interest you, then go check out his reviews. I don’t agree with his take on Fairy Gone, but it definitely is the more popular one (which probably means that is is correct.)

So before we get to the questioning, there are some rules, and here they are:

  • Display the logo.
  • Thank the blogger for the award.
  • Answer the questions from the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions

Onto the answering, only Lynn took some actual time to put together a scenario. It’s only fair that I answer these questions in the way they were intended.

Here we go. This is iniksbane presents: The Theater of the MIIIIIND.

We open on a dusty road in the middle of a tan field. It’s the time of day when wheat stubble could be sand or it could be wheat stubble depending on how your look at it. Nothing is helped by the fact that it’s sepia toned. Yes sir. This is old-timey Americana.

The only thing that seperates the tan sky from the tan ground is one lone mailbox. It’s made from metal, but it looks like it has been knocked from its four-by-four perch a few too many times. It’s kind of lopsided and it sticks when our hero latches a meaty paw over the handle and yanks.

Inside is a single white envelope with some barely decipherable scribble on the front. Our hero works a sausage-like finger into the hole and yanks it open. Inside he finds a neatly folded packet of papers that is too white for the sepia-toned setting.

Our hero begins to read.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Archibald Allan Squeakypants, Esq. I have been charged to make a very singular offer to you. We know that you live next to a mailbox in a particularly tan field, and we want to offer you a red house. And not just any red house. It’s a red house with a roof. You can stay there rent free, FOREVER! But you must answer these seven questions.

There is one more catch. You have to pick the most interesting situation. Any easy answers will be rejected.

Our hero scratches his head, and mumbles to himself, “Well it can’t be that hard?” Before he keeps reading.

You’re probably thinking this can’t be too hard. Well we will see Mr. Hero. We will see.

Question 1: You have the choice of three anime roommates. Who are they?

Our hero pauses for a moment, and starts talking. Now why is he talking to the letter, because our author does not want to write him going back to his tan writing desk to pen this letter back. Do not question my laziness. Anyways where were we. Oh yes. Our hero says:

“First, I want Sosuke Sagara. Because I need one person that is both capable of blowing up the home and stopping it from blowing up.

“Second, I want Yang Wen-li. Because I like history, and Yang Wen-li likes history. And I need someone who is pretty lazy but kind of a genius.

“Third, I want Griffith from the end of Beserk. Because what’s more interesting then having the Anti-Christ living with you.”

The words on the letter shift around to read, “Good. Good. That was an acceptable answer.”

“Wait a second there Mr. Squeakypants. How are you doing this? And what happens if I don’t answer one of these questions right.”

“Nevermind that Mr. Hero. We much move onto the next question.”

Question 2: You can have one anime pet. What is it?

“Well Mr. Squeakypants. That is easy. I pick Ein.”

“How is that interesting Mr. Hero?”

“So not only is Ein really a fourth roommate, but I’m probably going to have to be rescuing him from Griffith all of the time. Because Griffith is awful. He really is the worst roommate.”

“Very well, but I think it’s only because you like Corgis.”

Our hero shrugs, “Maybe. Don’t you want to get only your next question Mr. Squeakypants.”

“Fine. Fine. Fine.”

Question 3: You can have an anime vehicle to get around with. Which one?

Our hero takes a moment, and says, “The Flying Pussyfoot. You know the train from Baccano. See here’s the thing. I thought about the motorcycle from Garo, but that’s too useful. The Flying Pussyfoot is only going to get you from the beginning of the plot to the end of the plot. Eh.”

“Fine. Mr. Hero. I will accept your exceedingly useless mode of transportation as interesting. But do better next time.”

“Sure Mr. Squeakypants. Let’s get onto question 4.”

Question 4: You will receive an anime robot to help around the house. Who is it?

“Hrm. Pino.”


“Don’t you want Chi. You could have your own robot girlfriend.”

“No screw that show. And screw you for asking. I want the weird, useless, but still kind of fun robot from Ergo Proxy, because she would complicate everything just a little bit more.”

Question 5: You will receive a new wardrobe. Which anime character will you dress like?

“Well this one is pretty easy. I will dress like the Origami Cyclone. Then I will not only have a particularly useless outfit, but it will attract a lot of attention.”


“You know what. That’s not bad. I accept your answer.”

Question 6: For protection, you can select any anime weapon or ability. Which one?

“Ha. Easy. Chrono.”

“What? Like from the video game. You do realize the question said, ‘anime.’ It didn’t say, ‘anime-adjacent fan hobby that you happen to also enjoy.’”

“Yes. Mr. Squeakypants. I realized it said, ‘anime.’ I meant Chrono from Chrono Crusade. I know he isn’t a weapon in the classical sense, but he does fight for the main character, and he heightens the dramatic tension.”

“Oh very well. Here’s the last question.”

Question 7: You can have your house/apartment in any anime world. Which one?

“Japan from Serial Experiments Lain.”

“Wait that isn’t a world. That’s she Japan.”

“Really? Do you think so? Where in the real world do computers just magically grow overnight? What place can you ‘walk’ into the internet. None that I know of. I win.”

“Well you are arguing with yourself. So you probably do.”

And there we leave our hero, pondering a piece of paper in his hand. Forever locked in the mind palace of nerddom. It is a sad fate friends. Next time, we will ask some questions and nominate some people.

The scenario

Red alert! You are in the middle of an emergency on humanity’s first space station orbiting Pluto. You do not have any special powers, but you do have access to a multi-dimensionalizer. It can only pull out one thing from each dimension. You do not know what the danger in your station is, but you do know that you have exactly 12 minutes before everything goes belly up.

Here are the things you need to find.

1. Who is the anime character you grab to help you?
2. Who is the anime character you accidentally grab thinking they were going to be a help, but you only watched a third of the show?
3. Oh no! You were reaching for someone else to help, but this time you grabbed an anime villian. Which one was it?
4. You need one tool that will help fix anything, including stuffing the villian back into the show/book you accidentally grabbed him from?
5. You need a vehicle that can get outside of the station Which one do you grab?
6. There needs to be an anime love interest. Who is it?
7. What blogger do you wish was there with you?

Now onto the nominating.

Elizabeth or Dominic (and if you could do it in verse, I would be amazed.)
David Boone

9 thoughts on “I’ve got a real neat blog: Theater of MIIIND edition

  1. Nicely done. I approve of this more than I do Fairy Gone… Also, very nice questions. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for the answers to those too.

    I had to laugh at Griffith. Of all the possible roommates to choose from… haha!

    1. Well I was thinking of someone like the Fist of the North Star guy, but he was too close to Sagara. I could have picked Dio, but I didn’t think of him at the time.

  2. Thank you for the nomination. I’m probably not going to get to answering this properly but I really liked your last question because it made me realise how fun it could be if all the ani-bloggers from around the world could get together in one place. Wishful thinking and all, but could be awesome nonetheless.

  3. Congrats on the award! That was brilliant to read! 😊 And thanks for nominating me. I’ll get to it soon! 😊

  4. Thanks for the nomination! It’s cool that you went the extra mile and created a scenario around your questions. I’ll try to put together a response in the next few days.

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