The Otakusphere: Anime tiddies, Saiyans aren’t apples and the struggle is real

It’s been a rough week in my real life, so I ended up finishing my week off with a couple beers and playing Judgment. That’s why I’m late for my traditional cruise around the Otakusphere.

But I’m back, with only a small bit of a hangover and a cup of coffee, to take another tour around the all of the blogs that I have on my reading list.

Karandi and Irina both had posts that I liked on 100 Word Anime. Karandi penned a heartfelt piece that I’m pretty sure every writer struggles with — feeling like your not getting better and you still suck. Well at least that was my takeaway.

Personally, I’ve been paid to write (among other things) for a lot of years now. I’m still shocked at how much better other people are at it then I am. I definitely look back at what I wrote and think, “Man this sounds stilted or strange.”

In the end though, I really do believe we are all our own worse critics.

Irina never fails to amaze me that she can take what seems like a simple question and make it into an epic explaination that I’m not sure if I agree with or not. She did a post about whether it’s fair to compare series.

I’m not sure if I agree with her, but I certainly found the explanation interesting. In general, I think comparisons are going to happen no matter what. The question isn’t whether comparing shows is good. It’s whether the comparison is fair.

For instance, I read Lord of the Rings well after I was into fantasy, so when I went back to it, the characters felt stilted and the writing stuffy. But is it really fair to compare the granddaddy of all fantasy to books that had decades to iterate on it? Probably not.

Finally, 100 Word Anime reached 4,000 posts. A feat I feel should be celebrated. /

Now for other posts, I feel like Dewbond’s post about fanservice says something really important beyond just fanservice. I really want people to read it, so I’ll just share the first thing that I noticed.

“That is as Yoda says, the quick and easy path. It is EASY for me or anyone else to do that. It’s harder however to take the long way, to try and sit down and unpack a situation and examine and not just run to your respective echo chamber.”

The more I exist around social media, the more that I feel like people talk past each other and not with each other. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just the old man on my porch shaking a stick at all of the youngsters on their Twitterphones and SnapUps and Whosacords. But if you haven’t read it, go read it.

The Animanga Spellbook put together an interesting post about horror anime. I know that it tends to be fairly rare to have a true horror anime, and I’m not familiar enough with the entire breadth of the medium to come up with more than a handful of shows. It’s worth a look.

Finally, RJ Writing put together a piece about one of my favorite movies, The Cabin in the Woods. It’s basically a deconstruction of all of the American horror tropes in a movie that was really fun to watch.

On the blog front, I’m still working my way through Neon Genesis Evangelion. I am surprised how many things I”m finding to write about. I’ll probably put together a post about Asuka. These episodes are odd though.

Anyways, I put together a pretty personal post about gatekeeping, and my mixed feelings on it. As with all of my stuff, I liked it when I wrote it. Not sure how well it actually turned out.

Then I put together my thoughts about how Rei, Shinji and Gendo Ikari interact, and why, along with a post about how Gendo Ikari’s glasses convey how he’s feeling.

As always, thanks for reading. And if you have any posts that you think I missed please let me know.

8 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Anime tiddies, Saiyans aren’t apples and the struggle is real

  1. Thanks for including my post. I think I’ve only become aware of your blog recently – since Inskidee has a similar blogging alias and I only recently became aware of them as well, I’ve been getting confused between the two of you, but I am working on learning the difference as I type this.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. They’re fun to do, and give me a reason to check out what other people have to say.

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