The Otakusphere: Code Monkeys, Cool Japan and other people’s stuff

Here we are at the end of another week, and I’m thinking about AMVs. Do people still make AMVs anymore? Not to sound like grandpa on his porch talking about that newfangled doohickey and the Tick Tocks, but I really miss discovering anime that I never heard of because of a good AMV.

I mean I’ve stumbled into some stinkers, but a lot of them were fun. So I’m going to hit you with a B-side as I finish off my IPA and start my tour around The Otakusphere

I’m not excited about the live-action Cowboy Beebop, and I’m not particularly broken up about not having to hear about it for a while. After what Hollywood did to Ghost in the Shell, I don’t trust them to make a good adaptation. That said, I’m sorry that it had to be an on-set injury that delayed it. Here’s a link from the Little Anime Blog’s story.

Normally I don’t like to double dip, but I’m a big fan of Elisabeth’s post about anime afterlives. As a confirmed agnostic, I think about the afterlife a lot, probably an unhealthy amount. That said, I like imagining what the idea or non-ideal afterlife would be.

Code Monkey

I’ve shared my opinion about merch on this blog before. It’s pretty simple. I live a cluttered life already. If I buy a figure or a statue, it will get subsumed by the clutter. It’s like my life is all one big clutterbomb.

That said, I love looking at other people’s figurines. And this one from a post on Crow’s World of Anime is sooooo pretty. I love it. I don’t know what series it’s from and I won’t buy the figure but I love it.

So I grew up on those old Rankin Bass stop motion Christmas specials like Rudolph and the animated ones as well like Twas the Night Before Christmas. It’s one of the few things in my life where it remains safely sheltered by my nostalgia. So I can understand what Tanteikid94 is talking about when he is bringing up the warm fuzzy feeling of sitting on the couch with hot chocolate and the Christmas lights on. .

Though among my anime sins I’ve never watched Tokyo Godfathers, but I really want to. Especially after this description from BlazTavern.

So this last one is about a week old, but I think it’s probably the smartest take on why Enter the Anime is bad. It did get me thinking about Japan’s marketing campaign, Cool Japan. The idea was to market Japanese cultural exports in other country (i.e. anime and manga in the west.)

I’m kind of curious whether what mainstream thinks is “cool” about anime says more about mainstream culture than it does about Japan.

And now for a little bit of self promotion.

So I want to share two posts this week, one I’m proud of, and one that I want to revisit later.

I really liked how this post about how The Second Impact conspiracy in Evangelion is really unrealistic . I’m probably proud of it because I haven’t read since last night.

On the other hand, I like this post about the recent controversy over Funimation releasing Robotech, but I think I went too broad. I really want to go back and do a deep dive on the history of the Macross licenses, and see if I can get at the question I still have, which is why Macross hasn’t been released.

Anyway. I hope you all have a great week, and, as always, thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Code Monkeys, Cool Japan and other people’s stuff

      1. She’s the main antagonist from Re:CREATORS. It’s probably my favorite series of all time. Unfortunately, right now (as far as I know), it’s only available for streaming from Amazon Prime.

  1. Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 And yeah, there’s definitely a lot that can be said about mainstream “nerd culture” (primarily in the West) and its community sees as the “cool” things about anime, where I believe it to be entirely different from how Japan’s viewers and fans sees it as. An interesting point of discussion for sure.

  2. Big thanks for the double mention! I’m so glad you liked my afterlives piece and it seems you found some comfort in it too, so that makes me especially happy 😊

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