Help Wanted, Apply within

Hah, after writing about good and liking stuff here I am asking for recommendations.

Geez, just who do I think I am.

Anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of romance shows lately (Honey and Clover, NANA, Toradora!, Bokura ga Ita) and I’m looking for something else to watch along those lines. But I’m not really sure where to look, since this isn’t really a genre I’m familiar with.

Any help would be appreciated.



  1. Nodame? If more sitcom than drama is acceptable.

    Follow Noitamina shows for a clue.

    I’m presuming you are skipping on shounen romance shows despite including Toradora in there. If not, also try Kimikiss.

  2. Actually watched Nodame (forgot to put that on the list.) I liked it. (I even liked the Paris chapter.)

    Well I’m okay with shounen romance depending. It’s generally less emotionally draining, which I’m good with.

  3. Not sure if you’ve already watched KareKano, but that should be a MUST WATCH (I also fail for not finishing it btw). I’d recommend the Greenwood OAV too, though only the last two episodes focused on the romance aspect. Oh, and there’s Tokyo Marble Chocolate too. Also, Boys Be.

    ghostlightning recommended Umi ga Kikoeru, that should also be relevant to your [current] interests 🙂

  4. Oh, and there are other shoujo romance shows out there, but I don’t really deem them to be worth recommending. Marmalade Boy and Peach Girl, in particular. You can probably try them out if you’re feeling adventurous.

    In any case, if you feel like watching romance/slice-of-life kind of shows, in a way similar to ToraDora (just roughly), you might want to check out Daa! Daa! Daa! (UFO Baby) — it’s quite longgg, but heartwarming and fun.

  5. Ocean Waves/Umigakikoeru is definitely a must watch. So is Karekano to a degree.

    I know I mentioned Noitamina but I should also single out Paradise Kiss.

    Boys Be is a solid shounen romance story. Sort of hoping the Hatsukoi Limited anime will turn out to be a better version of that…and not like I’s. Or Ichigo 100%SUCK.

    Does GTO count?

    Maybe Suzuka? Canvas 2? 😀 😀 😀 😀 (ok stretching a bit there).

  6. Another vote for Tokyo Marble Chocolate here. I’d also recommend Kare Kano, but be warned that the ending is VERY abrupt, even by Gainax standards. You’ll wind up reading the manga in order to see how it ends. True Tears was a good series in the relaistic fiction vein.

    Can’t say I’m familiar with the romance genre either TBH so best of luck! Welcome back to blogging by the way.

  7. @ Everyone – Thanks everyone for the reccomendations. I just watched Ocean Waves and I thought it’s probably the best Ghibli movie I’ve seen (although I tend to think I’m the only anime fan who doesn’t like Miyazaki.) And I liked Tokyo Marble Chocolate.

    I have seen ParaKiss and KareKano, actually I liked them both a lot. ParaKiss was actually the reason why I hunted down a copy of NANA.

    I just bought Boys Be and am still downloading KimiKiss, so we’ll see how those turn out 🙂

  8. I too found Umi ga Kikoeru to be my favorite Ghibli piece, despite my love for Miyazaki. Have you seen any of the Macross shows? I’m not sure if you dislike mecha, but I wholeheartedly recommend it even if you have a bias against robot anime.

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