The Otakusphere: Impz’s brief history of the world (or at least all of the world that matters)

You can blame Impz, Martin, Bateszi, Hige, Lythka, Author and Michael for this post.

Really, I know a collective groan goes up anytime someone starts talking about “the community”. But after reading Impz’s brief history of the Otakusphere (that’s still my word for the anime blogosphere), Kabitizin’s interviews and Os’s new blogging initiative (which is really cool by the way), it has made me wonder.

Why do we blog?

And I’m not going to talk about why I blog, because frankly, no one cares, but I’m curious about the stories from everyone else. How did you get started? Why did you start? Did you do research or did you just jump in? What type of niche do you try to get into? And probably, most importantly:

What do you get out of it?

As far as the readers of the blogs, who don’t have blogs of their own, what do you get out of reading them? Do you normally read for news or opinions or both?

Really, I’d like people to leave comments or leave links to posts of their own. I’m curious.

18 thoughts on “The Otakusphere: Impz’s brief history of the world (or at least all of the world that matters)

  1. I read Jason Miao. Then I thought, I can do better.


    2 years on and I’m still rollin’.

  2. You probably dont know me. But the link you’ve given me is my 4th blog (thanks, btw). I’ve been around. My first blog, I did it because it was really all a joke that got serious and then I just ended up loving it. The second one, it was for revenge and status, but let’s not get into that. But my last two, I do it simply because I missed it. I will post and post and post until I burn out, get sick of it… but then I miss it and start all over again.

    When I started, I didn’t really need much to get me pumped, but I attribute Memento first and foremost. I always wanted to be like Garten. He wrote Honey and Clover posts that made me cry, it was so moving. That makes my reason look puny. What is my reason? I want to be remembered. Sorta selfish, yeah, but I get selfish pleasure knowing that people enjoy what I do and maybe, just maybe, they got something out of it.

  3. I browse blogs to be amused or informed about something new. I can’t say I usually “get” much from reading any one blog (no offense or anything! ;)), but it’s still fun to see what people think and what they can come up with. I especially like brilliant posts, so I demand that from now on every single post on every single anime blog in existence must be brilliant … or else.

  4. I blog because I feel I have something to say. Maybe it’s just reassuring to know that I have an easy way to make my opinions and thoughts known. I also like writing, regardless of how poor I write.

    I had blogs before, but they were much more personal rather than focused on anime. Seven months into my anime watching I discovered the anime blogosphere – and then I just decided to start my own. loli-pop blog was what it was called. I didn’t really have any set plan or goal; I was fresh into anime and willing to learn about the format.

    What do I get out of it? The fact that people actually visit my blog and read what I have to say. Makes me feel somewhat relevant or important.

  5. Well, all roads lead to attention whoring, but existential tangents aside I just wanted a place to crack jokes about Kanon.

    Personally I treat my blog as a sort of specialized rant space – a mind-dump for talking about whatever gets the blood rushing, since I don’t know a lot of anime fans in person. I find that writing helps me gain a greater understanding for the show, since I write in a very stream-of-conscious style. So it’s kind of a forum discussion with myself and whoever decides to drop by and comment.

  6. @drmchsr0 – Ahh… the beauty of hatred. It is a wonderful thing.

    @Os – Actually your reputation proceeds you 🙂 But honestly, I actually know you in part from the ABC and in part because Mike (from Anime Diet) mentioned your appearance on a Anime Nano podcast.

    @nckl – Nothing wrong with that. It was more curiousity that provoked me.

    @lolikit – Blaming you is like blaming the rain for being wet. What’s the point? 🙂

    @IcyStorm and CCY – Thanks for responding 🙂

  7. As a blogger:
    I have amnesia. I forget anime from years and years ago unless it’s special. Blogging is a way to make me remember, and yes, I read my own old posts once in a while. I am my own reader. At the same time, I’m inspired by many bloggers mentioned throughout aniblog history, old and new. I may not participate in too much blog dorama, but the liveliness of this part of the internets made me stay and settle for almost 4 years now.

    As a reader:
    I find healthy reinforcement, positive and negative, out of reading blogs about the anime I watch. Sometimes the things I read is better than the show itself, or makes the show better by providing deeper insight, or makes the show stick to my mind whenever it gets spoofed, memed, ridiculed, or parodied using words, comics, videos, and pictures.

  8. I started blogging because I wanted to podcast with my good friend, Ray. The blog + podcast turned out to be the most fruitful creative venture both of us have ever undertaken (not to mention the most successful in actually getting eyeballs to look at our work). I was inspired by the example of Anime Nano Podcast, too.

    And, yeah, I, uh, wrote a post on the subject last fall about what keeps me going, after almost a year and a half of this rukcus. 🙂 On a rather auspicious day, at that–which, in retrospect, is a good day to ask such a question.

  9. I started blogging to get more people to watch Animal Yokocho (seriously). Unfortunately I got terribly sidetracked along the way and got reduced to yet another indistinguishable speck in the Otakusphere… c’est la vie I guess 😛

  10. I like blogging, but lately “anime” is somewhat confining for me [and I really have no identity of with my blog; even I don’t know my “style”]. Reading blogs I can always do, since there are many good ones to read. Usually, the otakusphere gives good news coverage, nice variety of opinions and viewership, and distinct styles or solid editorials are always a plus.

    I started just to express the way experiences rubbed me, but I’m leaning towards the notion that my unknown style is inefficiently blogged; overkill. Currently, I’m thinking of a new premise, so that I may continue

  11. I didn’t even know that anime blogs existed when I started up. One day I just thought to myself, “What if I combined two of my favorite things: Maddox and Anime?”. Then I added two more of my favorite things: dinosaurs and lesbians.

    Basically, everything I write is something I’d want to read. My first priority is my own entertainment, and it’d be cool if a few like-minded people in the far reaches of the internet got a kick out of it too.

    Or at least that’s how it was before I sold out.

  12. I find that writing things down helps me to think clearly, so having a blog is good for the brain. Since I wanted to get to grips with anime in general, it made sense to write ideas down and throw them up for criticism from the dreaded net. There was a gap of about 2 weeks between my finding out that all these blogs existed and jumping on in in.

  13. It’s the community love and fun that keeps me going in blogging now… sharing insights on animes, and other related topics. When I started I was actually planning on “majoring” in fangirling… I’m glad I managed to grow out of that shallow goal ^^;;

  14. At first all I ever wrote was a personal blog. One day, however, I set out to clear things up with regard to Rozen Maiden. I wrote an introduction about it, advertised it on AnimeSuki, and was surprised at the response. It was thence on that I decided to write an anime blog, but that took me more than 4 months to assemble, because I was lazy.

    I didn’t expect to be recognized, but people appreciated my posts on Ergo Proxy. That was also the pinnacle of my popularity in terms of stats, because I went beyond 1,000 views in a single day. I burnt out, however, and I hated Ergo Proxy when it reached the 20th episode, so I decided to simply write editorials (even with the dominance of episodic blogs at that time). That was it.

    I’m familiar with most modern classics (as much of an oxymoron that may seem) of literature, and since I saw at times definite relationships among them I decided to juxtapose literature with anime (to varying success, as lolikit often reminds me of slavery, and whatnot). I’ve a definite style, but writing a niche within a niche blog doesn’t invite popularity, but it worked for me and it has given me a unique voice in the anime blog sphere even after these years.

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