The Otakusphere: Civil Liberties, Dead Titles and Living Monkey Armor

Yeah, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a radical Civil Libertarian. And when I say radical I mean “no closed door meetings, destroy the FCC, try the prisoners in Gitmo and let the Nazi’s march” type of radical Civil Libertarian.

So when I read usagijen’s post on Library Wars, I just about got up ran around my apartment screaming, “Yes, yes, yes, you fricken rock!”

And then I remembered that my roommate’s asleep.

Working at six o’clock in the morning must really suck. It’s been a long time since I had to do that, but what must be worse is going into work and finding your job has been replaced by a monkey. And not somebody who looks like a monkey, but a real monkey.

Alafista has a report (with video) of a bar that just started having a monkey serve drinks. Really, now if they could just train them to simultaneously link hands to form living monkey armor, the world would be a better place to be.

Just imagine being guarded by a horde monkeys at your beck and call.

Anyways, in the WTF category, Borderline Hikkomori has a post up about FUNImation releasing some show that no one has heard about, and the people who have heard about it, don’t care. Really though, I have a sneaking suspicion that they picked it up for bargain basement prices. As much as I’d like to suspect the industry of stupidity, for the most part FUNI’s been pretty smart about their licenses. I mean they do have at least four of the top selling anime of the beginning of 2008.

Now if they could just start working on that living monkey armor.

And on a more painful note, I just came across this post on How a Girl Figures. I’d heard about how much money figurines sap out of you. But Jiminy Christmas. See this is why I appreciate super_rats and Happy Soda – all of the fun of seeing a figurine, none of the pain.

And one final note… living monkey armor, just think about it. All of the cool of monkeys, all the use of armor.

Wait, no. Okay, so on a real final note, voting for the Anime Blog Awards is wrapping up. And vote for DrmCshr0 for best Dorama. It’s certainly some of the most intelligent.

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