Impressions: Tower of Druaga, BLASSREITER, Madlax, Saiunkoku and Dennou Coil

So I’m taking iknight’s advice and actually looking at who is directing these shows because all my snarky comments aside, I probably should be.

Tower of Druaga: I’ll be fair about this one. Right now, I could go either way. If they decide to make the entire fantasy world some sort of online game and make the main character both a failure in the game and in real life then it would be really cool. If it’s just the standard, young guy must train hard so that he can defeat the evil that lurking in the tower then it’ll still be good. (No matter what those stupid people over at ANN say.) So far I’ve been watching this on YouTube and the quality is decent enough.

BLASSREITER: So far I’ve seen the first two episodes, and it seems pretty standard. Nothing great, nothing bad. I do like that the whole BOOMER-esque “Machines that can meld with other machines and become super machines” thing it has going on. But other than that, I’m not sold on it either way. Although Ichiro Itano, the director on this one, has some interesting titles under his belt, like Gantz. And he was the animation choreographer on Macross Plus, which explains why those bike scenes are done so well.

Madlax: So I decided to pick up Madlax again after I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for about a year and a half. (I’ve watched it once and I hadn’t gone back to it since.) And the truth is that I’m just as unsure about it as last time that I watched it. It’s definitely a fun series. Especially the Madlax episodes. I mean how can I not like the top notch assassin who goes around killing people like it’s well… a nine to five job, but still acts a little bit like a kid herself. The Margaret Burton episodes are a little boring, mostly because Margaret Burton is a little bit boring. But the story does pick up and keep going at a fairly even pace. Although the lesbian undertones would probably be better if there was a little bit more yuri, a little less hinting at it.

But the one thing I can’t figure out about this series is whether or not it’s hinting at a yin and yang relationship in the human psyche, which would be a really simple interpretation. But just seems a little too easy, and if that’s the case then I’m not so sure if I like it. Or if the series is about how the West treats the developing world. Now if that’s the case then this is a show worth watching. And looking at the director on this one straight up doesn’t help. On the one hand he directed Noir, on the other hand he directed Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I don’t know.

Saiunkoku: Well other than for the one interesting note I made earlier, this show is still just okay. It’s gotten past its tea parties and flower picking phase and now actually has a kind of solid plot. But I still have a hard time worrying about what’s actually happening to Shuurei. It’s starting to get into the politics a little more, which could be good, could be bad. Because this show really is a mixed bag. I guess I’m not surprised when I found out there was a rookie director on this one.

Dennou Coil: Okay this series just proves that evidently, I have no taste whatsoever. I mean everyone and their dog loves this series. But I just can’t get into it. I’m not worried about these kids. I don’t really care too much about their metabugs. And the “oh-so-cute” elementary school crushes make me want to gag. Much like Noien, this show really suffers with having a cast that is too young for me to relate to. But unlike Noein, I don’t feel like they’re in enough danger for me to care.

Persona ~trinity soul~: And yet another anime to prove that I have no taste whatsoever, only in the other direction. I actually like this one. I mean it’s not perfect by any means. It lags. A lot. Like for entire episodes. But when it does get going, it’s actually fairly enjoyable and I really like the artwork and the character designs. Those two things by themselves are enough to make me want to watch. Even though I’m not quite sure what’s going on some of the time. Strangely enough there was another rookie director on this one

10 thoughts on “Impressions: Tower of Druaga, BLASSREITER, Madlax, Saiunkoku and Dennou Coil

  1. Dennou Coil: Not into elementary school crushes? Congratulations on not being a pedophile. Those kids all need a good beating.

    I’m one of the few people who enjoyed the second half of the show more than the first half (except for that badass dinosaur episode). Look forward to more danger in the second half.

  2. Dennou Coil. I do recall it was very childish in the beginning, then comedic, but somehow it starts to darken. I loved it because it became something I wasn’t expecting, though I did enjoy the light slice-of-life vibe in the beginning (not that the elementary love stuff was enjoyable, just the general feeling of the episodes).

    I’m not sure of the stance from many viewers, people liked it, but not everyone. Hope you stick with it 🙂

  3. Welcome to the rebellion. We have pizza.

    More seriously, BLASSREITER is the only one of these I’ve actually started to watch, and it could be worse. (Also, regarding Itano, have you heard the phrase ‘Itano Circus’? I was introduced to it recently.)

  4. @bakaraptor and Ryan A – I’m probably going to stick with it, just because I hate leaving shows half finished. And I can see tones where it might start getting darker, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

    @The Animanachronism – Wow, is it from Pizza Hut? Cause that would be the official pizza of the revolution, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    Actually I hadn’t heard the term before. I’m curious about it.

  5. I can definitely see why you wouldn’t like Dennou Coil. I kind of enjoyed it, but it was like…I was never sure if it was supposed to be a children’s programme or if something really interesting would happen. It eventually meandered through all 26 episodes and I couldn’t say much other than “oh.”

    I’m surprised you feel that way about Noein though! How old were they supposed to be anyway?

  6. @Shiri – In Noein I think they’re supposed to be 12 or so, if my memory serves me. Because they were just getting out of grammar school and going on to middle school or junior high or whatever they call it. One of these days I might do a Why Not column on Noein, because I think it falls into a pretty common trap in anime.

  7. The pizza is most definitely Pizza Hut pizza. (Actually, I suppose it’s more than a little ironic that a marketing campaign based on product placement should spawn the ‘Pizza Hut supports the revolution’ catchphrase. Marx is presumably rotating in his grave fast enough to drive a small power station.)

    Apparently ‘Itano Circus’ refers to action scenes (usually dogfights) with lots and lots (and lots) of carefully choreographed missiles (as in Macross Pluss).

    Westlo sent me a link to a series of Itano Circus videos on YouTube:

  8. @The Animanachronism – “So Lelouch you’ve just overthrown the bourgosie pigs and have killed your father, what are you going to do now?”

    “I’m going to Disneyland.”

    Now that is the conversation I’m waiting for. Although I suppose if China hasn’t made Karl Marx start spinning in his grave, I’m not sure if anything will 🙂

    Yeah I can see that in both Gantz and BLASSREITTER, well I guess there’s no missles in Gantz, but there is some snazzy fight scenes.

  9. iniksbane: Unfortunately I don’t know who’s who with all the bloggers yet except Jason Miao and iKnight, only the blog names, but hopefully someone will direct me to that if you write it, I’m interested.

  10. NURRRRRRRH please ignore my last comment, I was following links from animanachronism without paying attention *bitchslap self*

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