Anime Blogs as Rock Genres: Punk

So a while ago I started a post trying to classify blogs as particular rock genres. Mostly it fell apart because I didn’t have enough experience with anime blogs and bloggers yet. But I’m starting to get a handle on it. I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. So here it goes. I’m not going to name names here, mostly because I don’t need that drama.

Anyways here we go.


Punk blogs all have some similar traits. They’re loud. They’re angry. And they’re right. Even if they’re wrong they’re right and nobody better tell them otherwise. That’s not to say that they’re trolling for flames, but they’ll use whatever wording they see fit. Generally you can count on one inflammatory remark per post.

They differ from heavy metal blogs though because their anger is generally directed by reason though. Often interspersed between the bullshits, the fucks and the other cuss words, there is a good point. Now some are lighter than others, and some are better than others, but no matter which way you go, they’re always angry.

Oi Punk: Oi Punk Blogs are the second easiest to spot. They’re the ones waving around the rebel flag, yelling about how the industry is dumb, other bloggers are dumb, the whole world needs to collectively pull their heads out of their asses. Generally their posts are not made for the eyes of readers. They tend to be lengthy and dislike the idea of capitalism, or society in general. They’re the most likely to open up a can of hate on you if you disagree with them.

Sometimes as they get older they can start to mellow out and write a little more understandably. But they’ll always tend to be on the angry side.

Skate Punk: Where oi punk says fuck you, skate punk says “whatever”. They’re still angry about the stuff that they care about, and can make remarks poking fun at the wholes in the system. But they’re still a bit angry and they’re usually loud. But so much easier to understand. For that reason, skate punk blogs tend to be more popular. Generally the blogger responds to hate with a quick kick to the nuts, and responds to like with a self-effacing sure.

Now don’t make any mistake, skate punk blogs still hate capitalism, commercialism and society in general. But they’re just as likely to let it keep doing whatever the hell it’s going to do. They may cross over into pop punk occasionally or as time goes on, but most of the time they don’t need to.

Pop Punk: Much like skate punk blogs, these ones are even more mellow. In fact, they could almost pass for a top forty song some of the times. Of all the punk type blogs, these are the most likely to be episode review blogs rather than editorial blogs. They’re usually funny, a bit irreverent, but rarely angry, well unless it calls for it. There is a ska variant on this which tends to be pretty similar except they play trumpets. Or they don’t.

Now pop punk blogs can occasionally get a bit emo, but they make up for it with some good one liners and a whole lot of funny commentary.

Emo: Emo blogs are the easiest to recognize because no one understands them. Generally they’re a mix of personal posts about how much life and people suck, and diatribes about how much other fans suck. Often they do troll for attention. And when they get it they wonder why everyone’s picking on them. That’s not to say that they don’t have good points occasionally, if you’re willing to wade through the whining. They always take themselves too seriously and as a result take everyone else too seriously as well.

But we all love them anyways.

Okay so that’s all I can think of. If you have any additions or think I missed any of them please leave a comment or e-mail



  1. Go ahead, classify me.

    It’s not like other peopple have and decided to attack me based on that.

  2. Ah, punk. Good times, good times. My favourite type of music, for what it’s worth. Now I’m off to put safety-pins into my blog.

  3. @drmchsr – nah, I’d rather attack you for something worthwhile 🙂

    @ animanachronism – It’s my fav too which is why it was easiest to start with it. Man I’m going to have a hard time when I get to pop.

  4. omg.. good work, dude

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