The Otakusphere: News, Rumor and Hearsay

Okay all I have to say is that I didn’t start the fire. It’s always burning since the worlds been turning. But anyways, enough of the cheesy music references, because this is going to be the quick and dirty listing of the interesting posts I’ve run across during the last few days.

The posting of a press release about the 12th episode of AnimeTV on Manga Maniac’s page reminded me why I hate press releases. In particular, “The new episode has been eagerly awaited and features an array of compelling segments sure to delight fans.” Really? I didn’t know that it’s been “eagerly awaited.” And wow, it has “compelling” segments. Oh my. I’m starting to wonder if the anime industry needs some new PR people. Like ones that can stick to the facts.

And on the subject of rumor, Heisei Democracy is reporting that Moon Phase is reporting the manga Sekirei might be getting a anime adaptation. Okay, two things on this, I read the description of this and it sounds bad. I mean it’s generic guy A meets mysterious girl B who is actually either 1) a robot 2) an alien 3) a robotic alien or 4) a mystic who must do battle with one of those first four categories. So I’m kind of wondering why I should care, but I might be totally wrong. This could be the most awesome thing since bread and butter.

But on the note of some real news, a geek by another name had a post about an ICv2 article that Funimation might pick up some of Geneon’s catalogue. Oh please, tell me it’ll happen. Can I have an actual copy of Seirei no Moribito. Okay that might be too much to ask, but Hellsing and Black Lagoon season 2 might be nice.

On a more anime related note, Hige vs. Otaku had a post on the inadvertent comparison of two similar shows (in this case Shigofumi and Boogiepop Phantom.) Now I’ll admit I haven’t watched either of the shows although I have played around with the idea of buying Boogiepop Phantom, but I think the idea is fascinating, especially when it comes to some certain giant robot shows that will remain nameless.

And finally, read this post on T.H.A.T anime blog. I don’t know how to sum it up other than to say, it’s probably one of the most heartwarming posts that I’ve seen in a long time.

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