In the middle of a crisis

So really I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted when I started to write this blog. To be truthful, it all started at two o’clock one morning when I thought, “Oh hey, I should start writing an anime blog.”

And I just jumped in, feet first without clue one about what I was getting into. I figured after a month, I would get tired of it and wander off to do something different. Especially after I’d signed up for AnimeNano and wasn’t getting on there. And I’d signed up from the anime blogger antenna and didn’t get on there.

But all of that changed in the middle of November when I got on the AnimeNano antenna. There’s something about seeing more than 100 people visit your site, and even if they aren’t reading your crap, they are at least setting foot on your dominion.

But I’m still not sure where I want to go. Now I certainly haven’t run out of topics to talk about. I have an idea for a post about classifications and whether they’re helpful or not. I’ve got a pretty detailed idea for a post on fansubs, blogs and the marketplace of ideas. Not to mention there’s at least a few more classics I could pick apart.

In the end, I really want to know what other people think. What is it that made you click on this link to begin with? What type of stuff do you want to see? I mean I need to be in the business of bringing in readers rather than distancing them. And I feel that I haven’t done that as well as I could.

So… anyways. Please leave a comment or e-mail



  1. Why fix what’s not broken? Obviously, people are visiting your blog because you’re doing something right. I would suggest continuing what you’ve always been doing: bringing that in-depth analysis to seemingly every topic you touch upon. It’s what sets you apart from the mass of bloggers.

    Personally, I’d prefer you review some more of the older, classic titles. There’s already enough people keeping track of the new, currently airing shows.

  2. Strangely enough, the first blog entry I wrote was also written at two in the morning, though it was months before it was ‘published’ (as ‘136 Words Per Second’).

    First off, I should point out that one thing that takes people to your blog is the intriguing name. So don’t change that!

    The review of ‘What is Eternity Doing Tonight?’ was extremely interesting, so anything in the same vein would receive applause from me (the problem being finding bloggers who are happy for you to carry out said process).

    As Sagacious C says, part of the attraction of this blog isn’t any specific subject or series, but the cast-iron writing and the sense that the writer is actually thinking. So do retain those.

    Engaging with the debates that lurk dormant within the community always brings readers (and sometimes trolls), but the trick is to bring something new to the table.

    [And if all else fails, hop on an imageboard, collect random Haruhi Suzumiya pinup images and plaster them everywhere.]

  3. Hey, just do what you always do. 🙂

  4. As long as you don’t start writing episode summaries of the latest crap to hit fansubs right now, I’ll keep reading. 😉

    But in all honestly, I find your blog to be one of the best ones on Anime Nano right now. Because of you, I’ve got Argentosoma at the top of my Netfilx queue, and I have a feeling Now Then, Here There will soon join it.

    Keep up the good work! ^_^

  5. As long as you don’t start writing episode summaries of the latest crap to hit fansubs right now, I’ll keep reading.

    No kidding. Seriously. Don’t do that.

    I like reading random but insightful and/or amusing and/or interesting thoughts and things, so keep it up. You don’t owe the internets anything, so if you don’t have anything worth writing about, don’t write anything. The other commenter said it best when he said, “Hey, just do what you always do.” I agree 100% with that.

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