Anime Bloggers Unite! Strange Warnings, The Bah Humbug Spirit and Pedantic Posts abound

Okay so I haven’t picked out a rotation for this, but for the people who read this blog regularly, you know the deal already. I’m going to pick out some posts I thought were good and not so good and give my opinion. And I’m probably going to pick up some hate today, but it’s all good.

So on with the fun.

With all the hub-bub and reviews of the new Anime Network player, a geek by any other name had one of the freshest comments I’ve seen. That the TOS for the player states that you have to 18 to use it. While I understand that it’s a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo to protect ADV from liability, I have to agree with her. With the demographics for anime skewing younger, making it against the rules to use the player does seem a bit silly.

And on the silly side of things, Furu Anime Panikku had another fun blog post about whether he would really use the merchandise that he bought. Granted, the stuff he has kind of makes me jealous. Although I really want a TERRA satchel. That’s all I want. And I would so use it. Why? Why can’t I have that?

And on the why side of things, I came across a couple of pedantic posts that might interest the more culturally inclined. Reverse Theives did one on the differences between popular anime in Japan and popular anime in America. Fair warning, skip the intro. It’s really dry reading, and come on, we watch ANIME. I think we realize that there are cultural differences. Also I think the later part is a bit skewed toward the traditional college age anime fan, rather than what has been really popular in anime. Unless you think Pokemon had a dark side? Perhaps that lost episode about the team Rocket bloodbath.

The Anime Blog had an interesting post on what Christmas means in Japan. The only problem is that it starts with a tongue-in-cheek rendition of what Christmas means in America. I could do an entire blog post about how the counterculture seems to be invading my nerdspace. But I’ll leave it at this – I like Christmas in America. I like the crass commercialism of it. I like Christmas lights. I like the madness at the mall as I dash through the crowds trying to find the perfect present. I like the idea of sticking a dead tree in my living room and stringing lights and tinsel on it. I even like tinny renditions of Carols through department store speakers. So leave my holiday alone and go pick on Easter or something.

Last but certainly not least, That’s Not Kanon had a thought-provoking post about how people associate themselves with particular anime characters. Seriously, I’d love to be Alex Rowe, hell I’d settle for Takuto Kanashiro (from Argentosoma), but I’d probably have to settle for being Krillen.

Anyways, that’s all the interesting stuff I saw in the anime blogosphere (that I don’t already subscribe to). So I’ll leave you with two posts about women, both real and plastic.

And if you want to send some hate my way, leave a comment or email

3 thoughts on “Anime Bloggers Unite! Strange Warnings, The Bah Humbug Spirit and Pedantic Posts abound

  1. First I apologize for the dry opening. I’m still trying to find a “voice” for the blog or at least for my half of the blog. I try different things. I mostly go with what makes Narutaki chuckle. It’s always good to know what works and what makes people skip to the next paragraph. Assuming that people actually read what I write and don’t just skip everything I write and just focus on what Narutaki has to say. Narutaki is cooler than me. It’s a know fact. It’s even on wikipedia.

    I guess it never came up in the actual blog post but there is a good bit of long running kids anime that is very popular in America and Japan but it tends to be anime that has some related product tie in that is also popular in America. Pokemon and YuGiOh were popular in the US but that was partially due to the fact that they had successful games in the US. That was always 4Kids basic business model. Pick up shows that have a good toy and/or video game license and try to get kids interested in both aspects of the franchise.

    My general argument is it’s dark “mature” anime that tends to be popular in the US but not Japan which is definitely the work of the high school and collage student demographic. Kids shows that are popular in America tend to be popular in Japan as well. The only counterexample I can think of is the fact that Voltron was wildly popular in the US but GoLion and Dairugger XV were nowhere near as popular in Japan.

    Narutaki is on vacation so I don’t know what his contribution to this would be. The mysterious man of mystery is in contact with me but mostly for a few second every other day.

    – Hisui

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