Why not Record of Lodoss War OVA?

Up and to now most of these Why Not segments have focused on anime that I like, and that except for the flaws in them really aren’t that bad of shows. But this time I’m going after a show I hate: Record of Lodoss War OVA.

Seriously, why does anyone like this show? It’s horrible. It breaks almost every rule of good fantasy. First, it’s based on a D&D campaign. Granted, I might be able to forgive it for that. I mean the Dragonlance Chronicles was based on a D&D campaign and that was actually pretty good. But it was based on the old, old D&D – the one where Elves were a character class, and there was almost no originality needed to create a character besides the ability to add die rolls. And to top it off all of the characters are the stereotypes for their character class. The wizard is an academic. The fighter is brash and impulsive. The Elf is attuned with nature. The Dwarf is a Dwarf. And so on and so forth.

That right there is enough to make me want to cry into my pillow, while screaming, “Please no more.” But add to that the second sin of modern fantasy. It has Elves. Come on people. Elves went out of vogue with Terry Brooks. The only writer who is allowed to use Elves right now is Tad Williams and no one else. Even Margaret Wies and Tracey Hickman have their Elf priviledges revoked after the monstrosity that is The Death Gate Cycle.

That’s it. Right here and now, I’m declaring war against anything with Elves. Nothing good ever came of them and they are filled with suck. Even if they’re hot Elves wearing revealing outfits. Nope, they die too.

To top it off the OVA has the worst, hackneyed, uneven and generally incomprehenible plot ever. It starts off bad and only gets worse. It glides so quickly through anything with any kind of meat to it that I find myself searching for a rope to hang myself with.

This show causes genocidal urges and suicidal tendencies, that’s how bad it is.

Please, if you like your friends and want to keep them don’t show them Record of Lodoss War OVA. Show them anything else. Hell, show them La Blue Girl. At least then they would think you’re just a pervert and not someone who enjoys horrible, horrible shows.

Seriously. It’s that bad.


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  1. […] just serious enough without taking itself too serious. See where a show like Record of Lodoss War fails is that the dialogue, plotting and characters simply don’t live up to the uber-serious tone […]

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