My Mission

In 2003, I started seriously collecting anime. And when I mean seriously, I mean buying one series every two weeks for about eight months. Since then I’ve had lean times and I’ve had times when I couldn’t buy enough.

But about a year ago something horrible started to happen – I couldn’t find anything I really liked. Up and to then there was about a series or two every year that I liked so much it made my top series of all time list. First it was Kenshin, with it’s combination of completely outrageous melodramatic shounen goodness combined with an actual historical basis.

Then I watched RahXephon, which blew my mind and still suceeds in blowing my mind every time I watch it. I think I’ve figured out how everyone is connected, what all the secret little non-sequitor statements mean and what ACTUALLY happens at the end of the show. (Although I have to thank my friend Magnus for his interpretation of it.) The only thing that still haunts me about that show is that stupid bird painting. It shows up way too much to be a coincedence… I’m starting to think it’s a conspiracy to drive me insane.

After I finished with that, I managed to watch Last Exile, Ghost in the Shell:Standalone Complex, Twelve Kingdoms and Wolf’s Rain almost all around the same time. All of them have their own particular brand of awesomeness which I may or may not go into at a later date.

But when I watched Gungrave, I didn’t realize it would take almost a year for another anime to really impress me (Planetes). And since then, nothing, zero, zilch – a big, fat, whopping pit of anime mediocrity.

So I’ve decided to start this blog, to hopefully reach out to other anime fans, and to detail my search for the infamous Number Nine.

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